Acne Causes and Treatment in a Nutshell

by Bruce Swedal

Posted on Friday 23rd of October 2009

Are you aware of Acne? Do you want to learn more about the causes why people suffer from this skin disease? And what type of treatment is possible for this widespread skin problem. Read on to get answers to all these significant questions.

Remember that Acne has been defined as an inflammatory skin disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin. This disease is characterized by papules or pustules or comedones. Papules are a small inflamed elevation of skin that is non-suppurative as in chicken pox. And pustules refer to small inflamed elevation of skin containing pus or a blister filled with pus. A black-tipped plug clogging a pore of the skin is called comedones. A person suffering from Acne will also have red spots on some portion of the skin.

Now let us go ahead and find out what are the causes of Acne.
There are four main causes of getting Acne:

1.It can be hereditary

2.Your current diet plan is flawed

3.Your existing lifestyle is inappropriate

4.Major hormonal changes in the body

Earlier, it was believed that only teenage boys and girls were affected by this skin disease but recent research shows that even adults, including pregnant women suffer from Acne.

Remember there are many possible treatment methods for Acne. Here are some effective ways that can be followed to get rid of Acne. In case you want to get rid of Acne, you need to basically:

1. Apply a facial wash gel or a soapless cleansing bar.

2. Use an oil-free moisturizer and make-up remover.

At this stage, you need to prepare a good and appropriate diet plan that will allow you to get rid of the Acne soon. When preparing the diet plan, follow the guidelines as mentioned below:

1.Increase the intake of fresh and green vegetables in your food. It will provide you with iron and calcium to fight Acne.

2.Consume more quantity of whole grains, nuts and seeds.

3.Eat food rich in Vitamin C. Know that broccoli, cantaloupe, kiwifruit and blueberries have rich vitamin C content.
4.Decrease the intake of coffee.

5.Avoid eating spicy food items as it can aggravate the Acne on your facial skin.

6.Stop all alcoholic drinks.

Recent studies have highlighted the consumption of zinc for people suffering from Acne. Zinc always allows you to strengthen your inherent defense mechanism. Zinc refurbishes your tissues and cells and combats infection. However, overconsumption of zinc can raise the toxic level in your body. The studies have also revealed that apple also contains anti-Acne ingredients.

Finally, avoid moving out into the open during the day. This is because when you move out, the sunrays can enter your facial skin. This can aggravate your Acne without your realizing it easily.

No matter your condition there are treatments and lifestyle changes that can be made to mitigate the symptoms you are experiencing. Do the research and try different things as no single person is the same nor responds the same.

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