A Step by Step Guide to Control and Prevent Blushing With Self-Hypnosis and NLP

by Peter Hinson

Posted on Saturday 31st of October 2009

Blushing is a frustrating and annoying experience that often has an impact on relationship and career building. It also often leads to a reduced self-confidence, self-esteem and an increased self-consciousness. However, the good news is, that blushing can be effectively controlled, reduced, and even prevented.

This is achieved by using a combination of quality skin strengthening and anti-inflammatory products that target facial redness. Together with powerful techniques that provide you with the tools to remain calm, comfortable and relaxed in any given situation.

Firstly, Understanding Why We Blush

Blushing is a natural automated bodily response to situations that are considered to be of danger. The increased blood flow prepares the person to either fight or flee from the dangerous situation.

For people that blush easily, for example through embarrassment, the mind wrongly imagines an innocent social situation to be threatening or intimidating. Which of course will start the automated fight or flight response. Eventually, this can develop into what is known as a thinking trap, an emotional cycle that needs to be broken.

For example, now close your eyes and imagine vividly that you are walking into a crowded room. You don’t know anyone. Everybody is staring at you, the room has suddenly gone quiet. They are waiting for you to say something. You panic, you don’t know what to say. Your heart is racing you feel your cheeks burning andyou can hear the blood rushing through the ears. You look down, afraid to make eye contact. The room feels hot, you have to get out…

If you started feeling the signs of anxiety of actually being in that situation, you can see the how powerful, the imagination is. By learning the following powerful techniques you will be able to break these negative thinking traps, allowing you to remain calm and relaxed in these situations. Which of course will help to reduce, control or even prevent blushing.

It is a fact that you cannot be embarrassed/anxious and calm and relaxed at the same time.

Secondly, Everyone Blushes

Yes, this is absolutely true. However, in some people it is not visible at all, and in others various degrees of redness are seen.

The reason that blushing is visible in some people, is that their blood capillaries are closer to the skin surface or their capillaries may be damaged or even weakened by, for example, over exposure to the sun.

However, blushing through physical activity is healthy a response and should be encouraged. This will lead to reduced stress and anxiety as well as a healthy circulation and stronger capillaries.

The Negative Psychological Consequences of Using Redness Cover-Up Creams

You may be already using one of the green tinted creams that aim to cover up redness. These creams are quite effective at reducing the appearance of redness, but ensure you use a quality product that is kind on sensitive cream – you don’t want to make the redness worse.

However, an emotional dependency and total reliance to these creams can develop. As a result will have a profound impact on daily life – maybe you are experiencing some or all of the following.

* You avoid physical activities as you are worried sweat may wash away the cover-up cream.
* You never leave your home without it, and panic when you forget it.
* Emotional stress of concealing your blushing to new acquaintances.
* Constantly paranoid that people can see that you are wearing a green tinted cover-up cream.
* Hate the sun, humidity, rain, swimming, holidays or anything that can remove the cover-up.

We are not suggesting don’t use these as we know they can provide some comfort, especially to those who have a permanent bright red skin. On the other hand, we firmly believe that it is best to accept and tackle the root problems of blushing than trying to conceal it.

Easier said than done, I know But at least you won’t have to suffer the above emotional consequences of having to rely on temporary measures.

A Step by Step Guide To Control And Reduce Blushing Periods

Before we start, I must add that there is no skin care cream or oral supplement that can prevent or control blushing.

However, it is important to use a clinically proven topical cream/lotion that reduces inflammation, soothes, strengthens and nourishes the skins cells and capillary walls. As a result the skin becomes less sensitive to environmental factors that trigger blushing and the redness intensity becomes significantly less. All the information for these clinically proven topical treatments are found on our website.

If these creams are used in combination with the following techniques, you will have the most powerful tools to control blushing.

Step 1. Acceptance, Announce it – Don’t Try And Hide It

Accept that you blush. Don’t try and conceal it when it happens, that only makes the blushing worse. For example, you could say when it happens, “Dammit, it’s happening again, my annoying red cheeks are flaring up for no reason.”

This way it is out in the open to you and all around, eliminating the stress of trying to look away or conceal it. I know this is easier said than done, but once you have said it, you have made a giant step towards controlling it.

Hypothetically speaking, if there happened to be a stage around and a blusher had the guts to climb upon it and shout out to the audience, “I’m a blusher.” he or she would probably never blush again!

Step 2. Practice This Calming Breathing Technique

This simple method focuses your mind onto your breathing and away from the fixation of your outward appearance and the expectation of blushing. This is not easy at the beginning but, with practice it will become natural and it will help to calm any embarrassing or anxious feelings that usually triggers blushing. Try practicing this breathing exercise in private to master it.

* Breathe in deeply to a silent count of four.
* Hold your breath to a silent count of four.
* Exhale to a silent count of four (expel all the air from lungs).
* Repeat this process until the anxiety subsides.

Step 3. The Powerful Technique of Self-Hypnosis – The Art of Relaxation

This is a very powerful technique for re-training the mind to be relaxed and comfortable in situations you normally blush in. Self -hypnosis is an effective method of building self-confidence, self-esteem other self-development and improvement needs and every imaginable phobia.

Self-hypnosis is a relaxed state of focused awareness that opens the subconscious mind. Once opened, the negative thoughts can be over written with fresh new positive ones, leading to a better way of thinking. Self-hypnosis is now considered to be an effective clinically proven treatment, that is endorsed by the medical profession in most countries.

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