Yeast Infections - Cures and Possible Treatments

by Beth Kaminski

Posted on Wednesday 2nd of September 2009

The yeast infection is a fairly common dilemma that is experienced by many. Nothing to be seriously alarmed about, a yeast infection or thrush – medically known as candidiasis – is simply a fungal infection of the candida species. While it may be simply explained, it is sometimes painful but always uncomfortable infection of the human body.Many people experience yeast infection. There is very little to be afraid of yeast infection o candidiasis. It is simply a fungal infection of the candida species. Though simple as it might sound, it might sometimes be painful and cause much discomfort.Yeast infection is a very common disease that is experienced by many people. Although it is very common, there is nothing to be scared off. It is simply an infection caused by the candida species. However, it might give you enough trouble sometimes by causing much irritation and comfort.

Cures for yeast infection depends upon the severity of the infection. Some of the common types of yeast infections are as follow.

1. Dabbing the apple cider vinegar on to the infected area works like a charm. It might be good for oral thrush or yeast infection in not so hard to reach areas. Diluting the vinegar with a bit of garlic and water can really help you get relief form itching.

One effective cure for yeast infection is with antifungal drugs. These are often in cream form and easily available with a prescription from pharmacies. The downside to this particular cure for yeast infection is that the body can develop a resistance to them, which means if there is a similar yeast infection, the same creams may not work at all. In the long term, usage of various creams will only result in resistance to more antifungal drugs, requiring even stronger doses or types of creams as part of its treatment. Antifungal drugs form an effective cure for yeast infection can also treat vaginal infections.They generally come in the form of creams and can be purchased from pharmacy. There is one draw back attached to them. They tend to kind of immunize the yeast when used for quite a while. This in turn results into higher doses if at all the infection comes back as the same cream does not help in any way. If there happens to be a vaginal infection, you can also go for suppositories.

Another simple method is the use of yogurt. It is believed that the good bacteria present in the yogurt replaced the increasing number of yeast. For this purpose, dip a tampon into yogurt and leave it on the affected area for about an hour. For maximum benefit, you should do it 2-3 times a day. Please note that you should never use sweetened yogurt or a flavored one as these can make the situation worse.Or you can gain a lot of benefits if you directly consume yogurt or curd as a part of your diet. This would be a kind of a long term cure.

You also have an option for yeast infection medication. Many of the pharmacies also have some herbal or plant based sprays that can be directly applied on to the infected area. These, being herbal and plant based are non toxic and skin friendly.

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