TCA - A Tattoo Removal Poduct You Can Trust

by Johnathan Scott

Posted on Thursday 10th of September 2009

These days it’s hard to know who you can trust. Some people personify trust and they convey that trust to their product. For example, what would Kentucky Fried Chicken be without Colonel Sanders. The very look of the man conveyed trust.

Trust is not an easily conveyed sentiment. It must be earned and over the years, thousands of people have experience the benefits of TCA facial peels, acne scar reduction or elimination and of course tattoo removal. If TCA was not a trusted and reliable product you can be sure that no Board Certified Dermatologist or Cosmetic Surgeon would risk their reputation or medical license to use the product.

With so many products coming in from overseas containing ingredients that can actually harm you, and domestically made products that do nothing but drain your bank account, it’s wise to know what’s inside something you are about to rub into your skin. Never use a product that does not list it's ingredients or attempt to hide the ingredient list by making it hard to find on their website. Also, be ware of very, very long ingredient lists, they may try to sneak some questionable product into the middle of the list hoping you will not bother reading such a long list.

Medical grade TCA is a non-prescription liquid (not a cream) that is formulated from 100% safe, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic ingredients. It does NOT contain Hydroquinone which is dangerous and has been banned in Europe and Asia as a potential cancer-causing agent.

TCA is a cosmetic acid used by doctors, dermatologists, estheticians, and everyday people to perform chemical face peels. These peels are great for removing fine facial lines, acne scars and more. And now, TCA has proven to be effective for removing or fading tattoos. As a matter of fact it has been used for that very purpose for over 30 years with a very successful track record.

But is it safe?

You can imagine that a chemical proven safe for use on the face would be fine to use on other parts of the body. People who use TCA sometimes report experiencing a tingling or slight burning sensation that is easily relieved by blowing on the affected area. Compare that to the pain of laser treatments and other harsh tattoo removal methods, and it’s easy to see that TCA is the best choice for people on a budget who are serious about removing a tattoo. We don’t make unrealistic claims like removal creams do by saying all you have to do is apply once or twice a day, no hassle, no fuss and no discomfort. The truth is, removing a permanent tattoo is not easy and requires patience, determination and the ability to handle a bit of discomfort. If removing a tattoo was as simple as tattoo removal creams and gels claim, they would own the market. No one would even consider undergoing a painful laser treatment or spending the money it costs for the procedure. Creams don’t work, they make deceptive claims and most offer dubious guarantees or no guarantee at all.

And here’s the best news of all…

TCA is available without a prescription. It comes with complete instructions so anyone can remove or fade their own tattoos without seeking professional assistance.

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