Seven Myths That Can Hinder Treatment For Acne

by Ingrid Lihan

Posted on Friday 4th of September 2009

The truth of the matter is that acne myths only serve to make the acne worse especially for those who are looking for the right treatment for acne.

Many myths are floating around out there about the causes of acne and what can be done about it. The truth of the matter is that these myths only serve to make the acne worse especially for those who are looking for the right treatment for acne. Listed in this article are seven of the most common myths and the reason for their falsehood.

Acne Is For Teens Only

Most of those looking for treatment for acne are in the teens but many adults are suffering from the problem, as well. The degree of severity in adults will vary with each person. Individuals who are over 50 years of age are the ones who will not experience acne as much. Women who are 40 and older are only about five percent likely to have acne. For men forty and older, it is only 1 percent. Teenagers who are looking for a treatment for acne fall in the 75 percent range. Acne is a hereditary problem that can come on as a result of other factors.

Dirty Skin Causes Acne

Having dirty skin will not be the cause of acne but can make it worse for those who are trying to find a treatment for acne. The skin needs to be gently cleansed and patted dry two times a day to reduce oils. Rubbing can cause the skin to be more irritated. The cleansing of the acne prone skin will help to remove the bacteria which causes the breakouts

Sunbathing Will Help Acne Problems

Sunbathing will not improve the circulation or the acne but can make it worse. Not to mention, exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer and wrinkles to appear.

Acne Should Be Left Alone

Acne should never be left alone to run its course. There is too much knowledge available and treatment for acne to suffer from this problem. Acne is simple to clear with the help of a few lifestyle changes and products created to help. If you have tried treatment for acne and it has not helped, the next step is the dermatologist.

Acne Is Curable

Acne cannot be cured in any way. There are some great treatment options to try. Lifestyle changes will help to reduce or take the acne away for longer periods of time.

Makeup Cannot Be Worn

Makeup and cosmetics are fine to wear if you have acne as long as you purchase the water based products. Oil based can clog the pores and aggravate the acne.

Stronger Medication Is Necessary

Benzoyl Peroxide is the most common medication for acne. Stronger medication is not necessary. The proper amount of the benzol peroxide in a product is 2.5 percent and no more. This dose works well for most acne and is the smallest dose that can still be gentle on the skin. The stronger the product, the more chance you have of drying the skin. This means more money to treat the acne and longer times waiting to clear skin. When the acne is clear, continue to use the products to keep it away.

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