How To Kill The Fungi On Your Nail?

by Wong Darren

Posted on Tuesday 22nd of September 2009

Are you embarrassed to let somebody see your nails because it is discolored and uneven? Do you want to have normal nails and wear sandals or open shoes outside your house? If you do, then, you need to kill the fungi that live underneath your nails.

It’s very understandable for you to feel this way about the fungi in your nails. Imagine that these organisms are destroying the health and appearance of your hands and feet. In fact, the people close to you might avoid you because they may think that it’s infectious. Also, you cannot prevent people from mocking you due to the unsightly look of your nails.

Don’t ignore it. Seek treatment right away to prevent worsening of your condition. Never believe certain myths listed below, that might lead you to false facts about nail fungus infection:

•Your nail fungi will disappear naturally

You are the luckiest man alive if your nail fungi disappeared without any treatment. This is because most cases proved that these organisms do not simply go away.

In fact, your infection could even be worse and persistent. So when you delay your treatment, instead of having just a brittle and deeply discolored nail, you will have a very painful finger or toe. In this case, the doctor will have no choice but to surgically remove it.

However, there are really times when you think fungi have already disappeared, but only to return after two weeks or two months. You need to know that nail fungi are really very stubborn.

•You can’t kill the fungi

You shouldn’t worry about the myth that nail fungus cannot be treated. There are a lot of means and ways to fight it.

One way is an oral medication prescription from your doctor. These drugs are very effective in killing the fungi; however, there are some negative side effects.

Another option is to choose only natural solutions to treat your nail fungi. Since some people don’t want to risk the side effects of drugs, most of them opt for treatments containing natural ingredients.

•Nail fungi are very easy to kill

Even if you have the best solutions, killing fungi will always take some time. The truth is that, there is no fast cure to this problem. In order to be effective, all treatments take a long time to complete.

Therefore, you should always be patient with the solution you chose. Apply your treatment consistently and diligently. And if you were not able to follow product instructions, you could actually make your nail infection much worse.

•You cannot prevent nail fungi infection

It’s true that fungi are everywhere. However, you can still prevent a fungal infection from happening if you take care of your toenails and fingernails. In fact, the old saying that says “prevention is the best cure” is very true when it comes to nail fungus infection.

So when in locker rooms or public showers, always wear shoes or rubber slippers. Also, remember to keep your nails trim and neat all the time. Moreover, try to wear sandals instead of shoes as much as possible.

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