Gential Warts Cure - For a Clean Existence

by Matthew McMillan

Posted on Monday 14th of September 2009

Do you have some outgrowths around your genitals? Do these outgrowths cause discomfort and itching? If yes, then there is a possibility that these outgrowths might be genital warts. Genital warts are caused by viruses and there is no permanent cure for this itchy menace. However, medical science has made a lot of progress and has come up with various treatment options.

About 90 percent of genital warts are caused by two type of human papilloma virus HPV-6 and HPV-11. These are both considered low risk viruses because they have not been incriminated in the setting in of cancer in human cells. The general and genital warts have several points of distinction between them. First and foremost, strains of human papilloma virus other than those mentioned above cause the general warts, which are located on the skin in general.

During sexual activity, the virus penetrates the mucosal surfaces and the skin through minute scratches or abrasions found near the genital region. The HPV remains dormant for few months to few years before they may surface up. By and large, nearly 70 percent of individuals who have sexual contact with the person who has genital warts may develop them after approximately three to four months. Genital warts are also called as venereal warts.

Genital warts appear itchy but by and large painless - the discomfort can stem from their location, size and itchiness. Their usual size is 1mm, but that may increase to a few centimeters for warts grouped together. Main symptoms revealed both by men as well as women include painless itching, bumps, and fluid discharge. Warts may spread to mouth and throat region through oral sex.

How to get rid of genital warts in toto? That is a significant question to which there is no clear answer as yet. Scientists are trying their level best to come up with a cure for this ailment. However, the modern day genital wart cures have failed to eliminate the virus totally. At times, untreated genital warts can stay as they are or even disappear on their own. Researchers hold the belief that the disease can be combated with by the human body, but exactly what procedure is followed in the same is yet to be illuminated.

Some herbal products also serve as genital warts cure and can be utilized in the treatment of genital warts. Vitamin E containing oils serve as a common one such method. Apply this oil over the warts and put some chopped garlic pieces over it. Cover the whole thing up with adhesive tape. Even onion juice has been known to cure genital warts. Prior to it, onion juice requires the dissolution of some salt to it. This mixture now needs to be applied to the affected area.

Other genital warts cures include:

o Application of the milky juice from figs (two to three times a day)

o Apply apple cider vinegar using a cotton swab

o Eat foods that contain beta-carotene and folic acid

Imiquimod, Podophyllin and podofilox, and Trichloroacetic acid or TCA are common medicines prsecribed by the medical practitioners against genital warts. Imiquimod is sold as a cream under the brand name Aldara. It bucks up the immune system and makes it fight the wart causing virus. Sexual activity is not to be carried out if this cream is being applied by the patient. Podofix and Podophyllin are medicinal gifts of the botanical world and help destroy the wart tissue. TCA acts by directly burning off the wart tissue.

The applications of the Trichloroacetic acid must be done under medical supervision. The doctor or the qualified nurse is the best person to do the removal process. This acid has corrosive properties that might have adverse effects on the human skin. Never try using this acid at home on your ownleave this job to the experts. Another word of caution, do not use over-the-counter medication without the doctor's advice.

An effective genital wart remover is one that removes the genital wart from the root. Though most genital wart removers cannot guarantee the complete destruction of the genital warts at least they provide you the necessary relief.

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