Easy Ways of Controlling the Problem of Head Sweating

by Jeff McDougall

Posted on Tuesday 8th of September 2009

The fact is that, people not only sweat from their underarms, but from other areas as well. Excessive sweating is called Hiperhidrosis. The occurrence of sweating is seen on their hands, feet, face, underarms, on their backs and even around and in the genital areas.

Almost any of these places may deem to be embarrassing to a person who is known to sweat in excess. Some people may even experience facial or head sweating even. Such a thing may be very difficult to deal with or for that matter to conceal even. What makes this so for people having facial or head sweating?

This is because it is not so easy to conceal head sweating where beads of sweat trickle down the head. On the other hand, it is easy to disguise other types of sweating. Due to this condition, if the sweat doesn’t trickle down one’s face, it may make one’s hair damp and maybe even make it smell stale. This is a problem which no one likes. Having head sweating which implies that one has a sweaty and smelly head can be a major problem for people.

In the end it this not only becomes uncomfortable, it also leads to itching in the scalp and some very extreme cases it may also lead to unhealthy hair. None the less, the best method to get rid of such a condition is to use good shampoos and conditioners. However, this can also be a factor which causes excessive head sweating. Thus, one needs to be very careful in choosing the right shampoo and conditioner.

For instance, if one has very long hair, use of chemicals may become disadvantageous in one’s efforts to control head sweating as one may have damp and dripping hair at all times. And definitely because of this more sweat will be generated and thereby making all the efforts that were taken would have been in vain.

After washing one’s hair, one usually uses a hair dryer to dry the moistened hair. This will make the scalp too hot and to curb it the head starts sweating to cool off the scalp. A dry scalp can dry and cause dandruff as well, which is another side effect of over-using a hair dryer.

There are no doubt a lot of things that one can do to not only deal with such things but also prevent head sweating completely. Any drastic measures that one plans on taking should be in consultation with a reputed doctor. This does not mean that one should not consult with one’s doctor while seeking other types of treatments like herbal treatments and remedies. One’s doctor knows one’s present and past history of health, he will be in a better position to help one with such matters.

Ultimately at the end of the day, controlling something like head sweating is quite possible. A little patience and persistence is required to find the best suiting treatment. Also remember, to stay away from any and all headgear such as caps and hats!

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