Do You Want to Use Trifocals?

by Suzanne Hughes

Posted on Monday 21st of September 2009

Trifocals are a step ahead of bifocals. Contrary to bifocals and as the name suggests, they allow you to see at three levels of magnification. So you have a close view, a mid range view and a far off one, all as clear as the other. Doesn’t that sound like a great thing to have? Let us look at the comforts trifocals have to offer, after a brief glance at the mechanism that they are designed on. I am sure once you know all about trifocals and how they work, if the need arises, you would prefer to shift to one. All you need is an intermediate correction before shifting to these.


You have three separate prescribed levels for each of these distances and they are fit into your trifocals. A small semi-circle can be found right at the lower section of the table with three sections each divided by a horizontal line. Thus, you have separate power magnifications in one glass. All three sections are targeted at different viewing problems so you can stick to one pair of glasses and not keep putting them on or off to suit your vision.


As the name suggests, trifocals have three sections for you to focus through.


For reading, sewing and writing purposes, you can make use of this section. This one is located right at the bottom. It is the last of the three sections.


For this range of view use the middle section of the three divisions. Looking at the computer, and other activities at such distances are better visible through the intermediate range. It might be a little uncomfortable as it is the smallest of the three sections. But that is really not an issue as you can get them enlarged.


This section is located right at the top. If you need to clearly see things some distance away from you, this is the section to look through.

If you have other problems like nearsightedness or the opposite viz. farsightedness, or presbyopia, that hits people post forty, this section is very useful. One often finds it difficult to see small objects while aging.

For Presbyopia

These trifocals are very well suited to those suffering from Presbyopia. In fact they are highly recommendable for people with serious and different eye problems.

People suffering from Presbyopia mostly need correction of near vision, distances and the intermediary. If you happen to have a -4 diopter and given a +3 to resolve reading issues, you will end up with a power of -1 and need an intermediary rectification of -2.5 diopter. This is what correction refers to.

Progressive Lenses

In case the demarcating line in trifocals happens to bother you, you can go in for Progressive lenses. They are also known as progressive add (ition) lenses or PALs, graduated lenses and varifocals. They have “no lines” and are also used to refer to lineless bifocals. These are very effective and more comfortable that the trifocals. They have the characteristics of trifocals so you also get clarity of vision.

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