Acne - Know What Treatment Can Mean For You

by Seomul Evans

Posted on Saturday 12th of September 2009

There are numerous ways one can rid themselves of acne; methods that are highly effective and cheap and definitely not time consuming. Chemical peels and alpha hydroxy acid are two successful ways to treat acne pimples that can show up on your cheeks, forehead, back and neck. For those that suffer from this difficult and embarrassing affliction, the following methods are, for some, viable ways to treat acne. The ensuing article will discuss in greater detail the previously mentioned acne treatments, as well as other ways of treating this problem, aiding you in deciding which is the best treatment to choose.

Treating Acne

Acne can be triggered by several different reasons. It is believed this problem is rooted in the changes that occur when one goes through puberty. Some believe in the false notion that acne is caused by dirty skin. The reality is that cleansing your skin will neither prevent acne from appearing on your face, nor will it help you to get rid of it. For those that suffer from adult acne, the same rule applies. No matter the age, thoroughly cleansing your skin is essential as this eliminates sebum and dead skin cells.

Understand that cleansing the skin with alcoholic detergents and exfoliant creams can actually irritate your skin. Instead it is better to cleanse your face twice a day with a very mild cleanser. When it comes to understanding the cause of, and the treating of acne, there are various biological factors that come into play. Treating this most bothersome ailment is not as simple as washing your face several times a day. Given the above reality, it is essential to know how best to effectively treat adult acne.

Adult Acne Treatment- What works, What Doesn’t

Acne can last well into your adult years. In this instance, acne occurs usually on the face, but can also afflict the body as well. Men are usually more likely to suffer from acne than women. Acne in women usually can strike around the time one has their period. With some individuals, acne can happen at any time.

Acne is not directly caused by certain foods that are ingested; however there are some food substances that can actually irritate your skin. Understand that by sticking to specific diet you will not prevent acne from affecting you.

There are some that falsely believe foods such as chocolate, alcohol, oysters, etc., will trigger off breakouts. However there is virtually no scientific data proving this popular notion to be true. At the same time it is still wise to avoid foods that are considered to be unhealthy as there still remains the possibility that they could very well actually cause acne. There are a variety of effective ways to eliminate acne. These include acne rosacea treatment, and laser acne treatment.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid- A Great Way of Treating Acne

Commonly known as ascorbic acid, this treatment zero’s in on getting rid of excessive oil in the skin. By doing so, there is less of a chance one’s skin will break out. This treatment will also rid the skin of dead cells-the result; your face looks healthier and less irritated. This can be used for both mild and severe acne.

Chemical Peels

Peels work in that a dermatologist applies a specific chemical to the skin. The result is that the skin blisters and then the substance is peeled off.

Treatments For Acne-Final

Acne can be cured in a variety of ways, from laser treatments and peels, to homemade cures. A dermatologist can suggest the best course of action.

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