Reiki and Its Role in Taking Personal Responsibility

by Frank Lucer

Posted on Tuesday 25th of August 2009

As a spiritual practice, Reiki is much more than a methodology used to address certain afflictions. The healing process that takes place within the person who receives treatment extends to every area of his or her life. Yet, many practitioners fail to fully appreciate the role Reiki plays in their taking personal responsibility for their circumstances. This is odd because one of the underlying principles of the practice is that we control our own realities. Why then, do so many people who rely upon its healing power for personal and spiritual growth abandon this principle in the face of calamity?

Below, we'll take a closer look at this issue. We'll delve into what it means to take credit for disaster and misfortune. I'll explain why it is vital to retain power and control over your life and how the creation of habits influence your subconscious mind.

Taking Credit For Disaster

Reiki advocates often take credit for good fortune that occurs in their lives. They are convinced that something they did or a decision they made led to a positive result. Yet, many of those same people, when confronted with a personal disaster, are quick to place blame elsewhere. In other words, they are far less willing to assume responsibility for unfortunate circumstances than they are for those that are fortuitous.

The short-term "benefit" is that in assuming the role of a victim, they attract the sympathy of those around them. In a way, this pity from others is an endorsement of their lack of control in the face of disaster. Unfortunately, enjoying this "benefit" comes at the cost of ceding control of their lives.

Retaining Power And Control Over Our Lives

A recurring theme of Reiki healing and spiritual growth is that our actions and decisions play a key role in designing our reality. To that end, if something unfortunate happens to us, that misfortune is due to circumstances that are within our power to control. It is the essence of personal responsibility. While it may seem intuitively difficult to shoulder blame or fault for a personal calamity, doing so allows us the freedom to assert power in our lives.

Habits And The Subconscious Mind

When we are young, we learn to bury certain emotional feelings. For example, if we felt jealousy toward another person, our mothers or fathers may have sternly told us to stop behaving poorly. If we felt anger, that too, was discouraged. The problem is that in burying these emotions, they were not resolved. Instead, they were merely stifled. Over time, with repeated warnings about these emotions, we eventually learned to suppress them automatically.

This leads to a subconscious mind that never learns to take responsibility for negative circumstances. The suppressed emotions tend to attract to us those who in some way cause us grief. The irony is that these people exhibit traits that are similar to our subconscious minds.

Enjoying The Freedom Of Personal Responsibility

Reiki can be a powerful tool for resolving the suppressed emotions that have amassed over a lifetime. Through regular meditation and seeking truth about ourselves, we can learn to accept personal responsibility in every area of our lives. There is an enormous level of freedom in doing this. By understanding the manner in which our actions and decisions lead to our circumstances (both positive and negative), we can design a healthier reality.

The results will be significant. You'll find that people you once avoided bring joy to your life rather than grief. You'll discover that the occasional misfortunes you experience are not as disastrous as they seem since you're in control. Most importantly, by taking personal responsibility for your life, seeking truth through meditation, and sharing Reiki energy, you'll enjoy a new level of spiritual growth.

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