Learning About Arthritis and Those Awful Painful Joints

by Angelo Johnson

Posted on Saturday 15th of August 2009

Did you know that there are more than 100 types of arthritis? Common arthritis symptoms of inflammation, pain, and stiffness are usually caused by degenerative arthritis. Other types of arthritis include rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

Arthritis is a group of conditions involving damage to the joints of the body. The most common form of arthritis, osteoarthritis is a result of trauma to the joint, infection of the joint, or age.

All arthritides attribute pain. Pain patterns may be different depending on the arthritides and the location. Rheumatoid arthritis is normally worse in the morning and related with stiffness, in the early stages, people often have no symptoms after their morning shower. In the aged and children, pain might not be the most important presenting feature, the aged person simply moves less, and the child refuses to use the affected appendage.

Weak bones should not just be excused as a natural part of aging. Strong bones begin in childhood. People of all ages can improve their bone health. Bone is connective tissues that contain a hardened matrix of mineral salts and collagen fibers. Its cells include osteocytes, which are embedded within lacunae, and the free-roaming osteoblasts and osteoclasts. Bones support body structures, protect internal organs, and in conjunction with muscles facilitate movement; are also involved with cell formation, calcium metabolism, and mineral storage. The bones of an animal are, collectively, known as the skeleton.

Low bone mass means that bones have less than most select amounts of calcium and other minerals that make your bones strong. As a result of low bone mass, bones become weak and break, or can crack, break more easily. Bone fractures often happen from falling or tripping or other common accidents. Spine fractures can occur while doing daily activities without any trauma.

Strong bones hold up, support us and are the structure for our muscles. Bones are a storehouse for very important minerals needed to live. Strong bones protect the heart, lungs, brain, and other organs from injury. Weak bones often effect in painful and weakening fractures. Hip fractures are the most devastating type of bone break and account for almost 300,000 hospitalizations each year.

Arthritis is a joint disorder causing inflammation. A joint is an area of the body where two different bones meet. A joint functions to move the body parts connecting by its bones. Arthritis means inflammation of one or more joints. Arthritic diseases include rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis, which are autoimmune diseases, septic arthritis, caused by joint infection; and the more common osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease. Arthritis can be caused from strains and injuries caused by rhythmic motion, sports, overexertion, and falls. Arthritic joints can be sensitive to weather changes. The increased sensitivity is thought to be caused by the affected joints increasing extra nerve endings in an attempt to protect the joint from further damage.

By aiming at the root of the problem and relieving the pain, try Nana Flex Or NanaFlex Cream . The anti-inflammatory oils in this blend are aimed at blocking the enzymes that elevate causing arthritis pain and inflammation. This also improves the flexibility of the affected joint.

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