HGH and Cholesterol-A Great Cure!

by Christopher Granger

Posted on Monday 3rd of August 2009

If you’re in your 40s and you’re worried about your alarming hears condition, you should probably read up on the relationship between hgh and cholesterol. According to studies, hgh and cholesterol are closely related because the right amount of hgh or human growth hormone can counteract high levels of cholesterol in the body. In a nutshell, hgh improves how our other organs function. This then results in a healthier heart, skin, and a body weight we won’t be ashamed of.

Why we need hgh remedies

have you ever wondered why young ones generally have better metabolism compared to more mature adults like yourself? This is largely because they have higher levels of human growth hormones in their bodies. HGH is released by our pituitary glands, and this release peaks somewhere in the adolescence stage. People in their 20s look their best because they have possibly the highest level of hgh in their bodies compared to everyone else.

You often wonder how teens can eat pizza and burgers once a day and still remain fit, slim and flawless despite the unhealthy diet while your slice of chocolate cake stays with you for months. When you have a healthy level of hgh in your body, you’re able to counter the effects of high cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, once you’re 25 years old, your body begins to release less and less human growth hormones, and you’ll find that you gain weight faster than you did in the past.

By the time you’re 40, you’ll have practically no hgh in your body left. This is the reason why a lot of men and women who reach this age experience very sudden aging and weight gain. Heart complications rise up too because there’s no hormone that can help fight this off.


A few years ago, the only way to reintroduce hgh levels back into the body was through injections. While this was highly effective, because the hgh goes directly to the blood stream, the procedure was also way too expensive for the ordinary person. Only celebrities and other high profile people were able to benefit from the anti-aging effects of hgh. Ordinary people turned 40, looked 40, and felt very much like an aging 40-year-old.


Thankfully, with a lot of research, scientists have found a better way to bring back hgh into the human body. Accredited human growth hormone supplements like GenFx are herbal mixes that aren’t hgh in themselves but herbs that stimulate the pituitary glands to produce hgh again. As a result, ordinary people get the same benefits of an hgh injection. without spending even half of the price of a single injection.
Side effects

GenFx has absolutely no side effects because it is all natural and made only with the best herbs. It can be sold over-the-counter and online without the need for prescriptions because, like multivitamins, it does nothing but make you feel younger and better about yourself. If anything, it even improves the state of your health. This is the reason why a lot of physicians even recommend hgh supplements to their patients.

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