Alternative Herpes Treatments: Do They Work?

by Jonathan Lindell

Posted on Friday 14th of August 2009

Being affected by and diagnosed with Herpes is a very personal and often very frustrating time in one’s life. While the Herpes virus is not life-threatening, it will stay with you for the rest of your life which is why it is often considered to be taboo. Unfortunately, even the healthiest and safest people can contract the Herpes virus. This is because the virus can be transmitted through a simple kiss, through sexual contact even if safer sex precautions are taken such as wearing a condom, or even through non-sexual physical contact due to the fact the virus can remain active on the skin’s surface even if it does not produce a visible symptom such as a wart or cold sore.

While most of those affected by Herpes contracted the virus as teenagers or young adults, there are cases where children as well as the elderly are contracting the disease due to the many ways the disease can be transmitted.

If you or someone you know has been affected by the Herpes virus, it is important to know about the variety of treatment options that are available including prescription medicine as well as alternative herpes treatments.

While there is much written about prescription Herpes treatments, not much had been said about alternative treatments such as using a natural Herpes treatment. This is probably due to a few main reasons such as the drug companies that produce prescription medications have millions of dollars to not only spend on clinical trials, but also on advertising.

On the other hand, companies that manufacture alternative herpes treatments are often smaller and do not have the necessary resources needed to create an international marketing campaign. However, just because you may not have heard of some of these treatments, does not mean that they aren’t effective. In fact, many of the ingredients used in popular over-the-counter Herpes treatments have been used for years to help those affected by Herpes control their virus.

These ingredients essentially attack the virus from the inside out and help those affected by the virus delay outbreaks, which is often the only reminder that those affected by the Herpes virus have that they are still affected.

It is important to distinguish between the two main alternative Herpes treatments. The first one is a Herpes supplement, the other is a topical Herpes gel/spray/cream. The supplement combines proven Herpes fighting ingredients and immune boosting ingredients into an oral supplement. The other option is a topical solution which only treats the symptoms of Herpes once they appear. For example, when you are having an outbreak, you can use the topical solution to help diminish the outbreak. However, this kind of treatment does little or nothing to help prevent the outbreak from occurring in the first place which is what the supplement option does.

In conclusion, those affected by Herpes have a variety of treatments to choose from. However, using a prescription medication is often too expensive to maintain which is why many people use alternative treatment options. Although, there are many other reasons why people choose to use alternative Herpes treatments including the low risk to no risk of side effects, as well as a philosophy that supports natural remedies.

All in all, using an alternative Herpes treatment such as a Herpes supplement is an effective, safe, and affordable way to help suppress both the HSV-1 (oral) and HSV-2 (genital) strains of the Herpes virus.

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