A Study on Acne Vulgaris

by Ruchand

Posted on Friday 7th of August 2009

What is acne?

Acne is a simple, harmless skin infection that affects almost all people at least once during their lifetime. The scientific name of this problem is acne vulgaris. In colloquial terms, acne vulgaris is referred to as pimples, spots or simply acne. Acne causes itching and irritation of the skin.

Causes of acne

There are a few portions of our skin that tends to have a dense follicular population i.e. the density of hair growth is high. Such regions have a higher availability of a gland called sebaceous gland. This gland is responsible for the secretion of an oily liquid called sebum which slowly converts into body fats along the topmost layer of the inner skin. These fats slowly protrude through the skin to form acne marks.

Apart from these sebaceous glands, the formation of androgen in young adults also attribute to the formation of acne. These are often acquired at the time of puberty. However, these acne marks are short lived and often disappear within a few months or years without any medication or skin treatment. More than 80% of teenagers around the world acquire acne due to this reason.

Modern researches have shown that acne marks are formed due to reasons other than scientific problems as stated above. Scientists attribute small psychological problems and stress that the individual undergoes as a reason for acquiring acne marks. An acne treatment is not the right choice for this type of problem. Instead, a treatment for stress illness will automatically cure the acne marks.

Where does acne usually occur in the human body?

The region where the sebaceous gland is densest is the scalp. Hence, the scalp has the highest probability of having acne marks. Though these are often hidden inside the dense hair growth above the scalp, they exhibit all symptoms and problems of the normal acne. The next most probable areas are the face and the upper areas of the neck. Other than these, the chest, the areas along the upper part of the back and sometimes along the upper arms and the shoulders also tend to have acne marks.

Acne treatment

The best possible acne treatment is to take correct diet at correct times of the day. A fatless diet for a period of six months can cure 90% problems due to acne.

For acne treatment there are several products offered and many of them are with no scientifically confirmed effects. Dieticians recommend fatless chocolates that tickle the activity of the brain and improve blood circulation. Apart from this, chocolates are anti-depressants and hence reduce mental stress. This helps massively to reduce acne. Intake of milk and carbohydrates also help to reduce acne because of their ability to neutralize the activity of sex hormones and help the body to secrete insulin. Though the intake of sugar indirectly increases the body fat, consuming a minimal amount of sugar regularly helps to reduce the effects of androgens. Medical practitioners recommend a higher intake of vitamin A and vitamin E for patients having acne problems.

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