Epilepsy - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

by James S. Pendergraft

Posted on Thursday 30th of July 2009

Epilepsy is considered as group of interconnected disorders which are characterized with a tendency of recurrence seizures. There are distinct kinds of epilepsy as well as seizures. The drugs of epilepsy are given for controlling seizures and sometimes when the treatments are not effective then surgery is required.

Epilepsy causes

The most significant cause for epilepsy and seizures is considered as head trauma. Even though it has been widely accepted that when a remote injury which has occurred in previously could cause epilepsy, well there's no confirmation given as to how long or what kind of this injury should be. However, it is commonly known that epilepsy risk can boost up substantially when there're penetrating or say, open wound.

Tonic clonic seizures - This considered to be extremely intense among every kind of seizures, they could be characterized through lack of consciousness, body shivering and stiffening and have no control on bladder or at times tongue biting.

If every brain's area is disturbed by non-standard electrical activity, then it might result in generalized seizure. It means that their lack of consciousness or may be consciousness is impaired. Frequently every individual's legs and arms stiffen and later jerk rhythmically.

Epilepsy's Symptoms

Simple - partial seizure: This is moreover divided into 4 categories in accordance to the symptoms' nature, such as psychological, motor, sensory or automatic. The motor symptoms are inclusive of movements like stiffening and jerking.

Atonic seizure: At the time of atonic seizure, the body muscles becomes floppy. If anyone who has such kind of seizure, they might fall on the ground.

Generalised seizures: Such kind of seizure are considered to be the most common symptom of epilepsy and this is some times known as grand - mal epilepsy. It affects the most or whole brain in one short.

The symptoms may always differ relying on what kind of seizure it is. In many of the cases, an individual with epilepsy would tend to get the same kind of seizure very time; hence the symptoms would be extremely same from one episode to another. However few of the individuals have numerous distinct kinds of seizure, along with distinct symptoms every time.

Epilepsy treatments -

Pharmacotherapy - Lately it has been proved that the early effectual treatment along with the anti - epileptic drugs would control the seizures up to seventy percent for those people who are lately diagnosed.

Surgical therapy - Latest enhancement in the surgical techniques and diagnostic technology are leading to boost up the utilization of the surgical treatment.

Alternative Treatments - Numerous alternative treatments have been largely endorsed for epilepsy, which are inclusive of vitamins and biofeedback. However their effectualness is widely unproven.

Medications - Nowadays there are numerous medications which are approved for treating epilepsy. Every medication has its own side effects and benefits and distinct medications are suitable for distinct kinds of epilepsy. Not even one among the medications is proved to be the finest for treating epilepsy.

Corpus Callosotomy - Individuals who contain generalised seizures don't normally require surgery. But when the seizures cause injuries and falls, then a procedure known as corpus callosotomy might be taken into consideration.

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