Acne and Teenagers

by Jac Needham

Posted on Wednesday 27th of May 2009

As a highly obvious problem, acne could cause acute embarrassment at the time when an individual is striving to become ok with themselves. The symptoms are varied, and don't just consist of the familiar scarring and skin pitting. Other symptoms can include blackheads, whiteheads, zits, inflamed and infected nodules, sacs, and cysts. Due to over-activity of the sebaceous glands, acne has a tendency to show where these ( oil ) glands are most countless ( i.e the face, neck, chest, and back ). Scarring and permanently expanded pores can result, and this is the symptom most familiar to acne sufferers. Why does acne occur? Well, each hair follicle produces oil to lubricate the skin and hair. Over-production of this oil can cause blocking, in which bacteria can multiply. This customarily leads to inflammation, and if this sebum, plugs the pores it can end up in blackheads. Whiteheads form when sebum collects below the skin surface.

The likeliest time for these outbursts are between the ages of twelve and twenty-four, when the teenager hormones are running wild, and androgen production goes into overdrive. There's some proof that overindulgence in junk foods, the taking of oral contraceptives, certain allergies and stress may also cause acne. So how can you deal naturally with acne? Firstly, cleanliness is critical, and you should always keep your skin washed and clean. Don't be encouraged to apply any oils or moisturizers to the affected areas. Instead, use freshly-squeezed lemon juice three times each day as a natural antiseptic face wash.

Grease from your hair can also exacerbate the difficulty, so shampoo your hair constantly. Diet also plays a part in acne, so stay off the junk ( saturated fats in fried food, go scrupulously with dairy products, carbonated drinks, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco ). Instead, eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies.

Sleeping soundly will also help, as will regular exercise.

Continually , and get adequate sleep at night. Diet in more detail - raw vegetables could be a life saver for the acne subject. Together with non-citrus fruits, raw plant juice, cooked vegetables, salads, whole grains, and some low-fat seeds and nuts, you can construct a diet that may make it really hard for the sebaceous glands to overproduce. Stay right away from peanut butter, cheese, milk, and cream. Some sufferers have reported good results by trying 'vegetable juice' fasts of one to three days, though you must visit a doctor before considering any sort of fasting. The second part of the natural cure for acne is diet supplements that have been shown to have an advantageous effect. You should guarantee you get sufficient vitamin B6, zinc, and necessary greasy acids. A general multivitamin once each day will most likely be acceptable to make certain you are getting plenty of. Eventually , there are certain herbs which have been shown to be beneficial as a natural cure for acne. Applied to the skin, dandelion root, echinacea, alfalfa, chaparral, and red clover are most profitable, and are available from most health stores.

Most importantly, stay positive! The difficulty CAN be beaten if you look after yourself!

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