Using Dietary Supplements to Treat Autism Spectrum Disorders

by Donna Mason

Posted on Tuesday 28th of April 2009

It is a known fact that dietary supplements can help one recover from certain diseases—or at least prevent them. These dietary supplements provide a person the necessary nutrients that he should be getting from the food he takes in. Unfortunately, since not everyone gets the proper food, not everyone gets the proper nutrition he would need to protect himself from health risks. Dietary supplements, as the name already suggests, complements the nutrients taken from food. Of course, people are not required to take dietary supplements, but it can certainly boost their defense against diseases. The nutrients from supplements can also enhance one’s bodily functions; since the body is getting sufficient nutrients, it can work at optimum efficiency. People with weak immune systems (those who are prone to disease) or those who are constantly in a stressful environment (which makes them prone to diseases) normally take dietary supplements.

But dietary supplements should be more than just a “supplement.” According to various studies, dietary supplements can be used to treat autism spectrum disorders. This claim is contested by several experts and organization, but the truth is there is no actual study that can proof that it is not true. After all, no one knows what causes autism. Autism as a brain disorder is the long-standing belief of experts, but even they have said that external factors might have bee the trigger to autism.

In any case, how can dietary supplements treat autism spectrum disorders?

Remember that autism spectrum disorders consist of a number of symptoms. For instance, an autistic child often suffers from leaky gut. An autistic child also suffers from poor pain recognition. These symptoms, however, are localized; this means the causes of these symptoms are different for every area. The leaky gut is caused organisms in the gut that cannot be removed since an autistic child’s gut does not function in full efficiency. Therefore, supplements can help remedy this by providing the child with the proper substances can eliminate these organisms.

Common supplements given to autistic children include fatty acids, probiotics, and certain enzymes. Enzymes help the body break down food, preventing proteins from entering the blood stream. These proteins, if undigested, can become very hazardous—a fact proven by several researches during the 1990. In particular, the gluten and casein can produce harmful toxins that can inflame certain brain functions. With these enzymes, proteins can easily be broken down.

The essence of giving supplements to autistic child is to assist them in areas where they are not particularly able. Due to their limited body function efficacy, what should come normally to them doesn’t. They do not produce natural enzymes that can digest proteins; they do not have antibodies to help them against foreign substances from entering the body. By treating the symptoms, there is a great chance that the status of an autistic child will vastly improve, therefore treating autism spectrum disorders. Of course, the chance of total recover would be larger if it is done with other treatments.

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