The 5 Step Natural Cellulite Remedy - A Reliable Cellulite Solution At Last

by Sean Saunders

Posted on Friday 24th of April 2009

Are you looking for a natural cellulite solution? Then look no farther, as you're about to learn of a 5-step natural cellulite remedy that will not only zap your problem cellulite into extinction, it'll ensure that cellulite never EVER makes a comeback!

A 5 Step Natural Cellulite Remedy...

Step 1: Get Out of Dreamland

This is the biggest and most important step because following it will ensure success rather than complete failure. By being realistic with your cellulite removal goals and not thinking you'll reduce cellulite overnight or even within just 1 week, you will be better prepared (mentally) to deal with the battle ahead.

Know that cellulite reduction is a long fight that takes dedication and patience -- it's not a fight that lasts 1 or 2 days and then is over. If you're lucky and very determined, you could be cellulite free within just 2-3 months.

Step 2: Stop Fueling Cellulite Factories

Cellulite "factories" refers to the numerous fat cells which store all those calories, bad fats, and toxins, which in turn become cellulite deposits as time passes.

By limiting or even completely stopping consumption of those bad fats & toxins (junk food, saturated fats, processed foods, etc.) you'll be able to curb cellulite growth and ensure you're not creating new cellulite deposits while attempting to get rid of the old.

Step 3: Start Fueling Cellulite Demolition Crews

By eating more anti-cellulite foods -- such as lean meats, fish, fish oils, different types of nuts, brightly colored veggies, fruits, fat-free dairy, etc. -- you will be enhancing your protection against cellulite as well as helping to eradicate it further.

Anti celulite foods will not only work to remove cellulite from the inside, but they'll actually help to improve the look of the skin from the outside as well.

Step 4: Get Started With Anti-Cellulite Activity

This is an important part of this natural cellulite remedy because it is the biggest weapon any cellulite sufferer has in this long, grueling fight; exercise & activity.

The more exercise and activity you're apart of, the harder it is for cellulite to remain. Celulite prefers stagnant areas of the body which have poor circulation & blood flow as well as low muscle mass. By improving circulation, blood flow, and muscle, cellulite will have a tough time "sticking" around and will eventually be forced to break up and leave the area.

20-30 minutes of aerobic or cardiovascular exercise is all that is needed. Example: Running, jogging, swimming, biking, in-place aerobics, etc.

Step 5: Massage In The Cream

The final part of this natural cellulite remedy is to use an anti cellulite cream. Simply choose a reliable anti-cellulite lotion (do a little research if you have to) and begin using the cream on the worst cellulite affected areas of your body regularly. Massage the cream into the skin 2-3 times per day -- when you wake up, after you exercise, when you go to bed -- and you'll be good to go.

Don't be too worried about the expense of the lotion, as many reliable anti cellulite creams can be picked up for under $50 for a months supply. Plus, most of them will even come with a free trial period.

When cellulite becomes a problem, you no longer have to worry, as this 5 step natural cellulite remedy is your simple solution.

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