Male Fertility Tests

by Steve Taylor

Posted on Sunday 5th of April 2009

It has been medically proved that close to 40% of problems related to infertility are because of the male partner. About ten percent of the infertility factors are due to both the male and the female partners. Some of the factors determining male infertility and problems are low sperm production, lesser sperm motility, sperm transport and infections.
The reason for a low sperm count is imbalance in hormones, excessive use of alcohol, cigarette smoking, medication and problems related to testes. These result in low motility of sperms. The quality of sperms depends on the motility which means the percentage of moving sperms.

There is a higher percentage of fertility related problems in today’s younger generation. Men who undergo this problem get depressed and lose confidence. This becomes a cause for concern for the couple. The questions which bother him day in and day out are “What is my sperm motility”? “Whether I can become a father”? The only way he can be satisfied is going for a fertilization test.

It is difficult to put a figure to the normal sperm count. You need only one healthy sperm for fertilizing an egg. The statistical average is 10 million sperms (motile) per ml. A man who is undergoing a vasectomy could have a sperm count ranging from 2 million to about 300 million. This is per ml. A man with a very less motility – sperm count may have as less as 2-5 million. Hence, it is not very easy for a doctor to come to conclusions regarding the sperm count and the motility.

Till a man decides that he wants to become a father, he is unaware about the likely problems. That is when the couple decides to take sperm fertility tests. These tests are basically screening tests which are done by a professional physician. These tests determine the motility rate of the sperm and fertility problems, if any. The tests conducted also help in evaluating the fertility of the person and they can be done privately within the precincts of your home.

It is a misconceived notion that infertility is related to only women. An infertile male could be the main reason for a couple not successful in having children. In a male fertility test, semen analysis is conducted. The tested semen is placed under a microscope to evaluate whether the sperms are healthy or not. A semen analysis would deduce the percentage of healthy sperms, volume of sperms, its motility percentage etc. Both the size and shape of the sperm are considered. The semen is also examined to detect if there are any white blood corpuscles. The presence of WBC indicates an infection. A healthy sperm is capable of swimming across straightly in a line to join the egg; only then can the female partner conceive.

With so many improvements taking place day in and day out in the medical field, male fertility tests are conducted in a computerized fashion. Computer semen analysis tests use imaging techniques, so that the results are precise. Tests conducted at home would also be able to ascertain the sperm count of the male. For a better reading, computerized tests are advocated.

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