Inform Yourself About Heart Attacks

by Steven A Johnson

Posted on Tuesday 21st of April 2009

A blockage in the hearts arteries may cut off the blood supply partially to a portion of the heart. This can create a blood clot and stop blood flow in a coronary artery. This is called a heart attack. A heart attack is very life threatening. Irreversible injury can happen to the heart if medical help is not received soon or immediately.
It is very common for people to dismiss the signs of a heart attack.

Recognizing the signs of a heart attack can save your life. Some of the signs of a heart attack are squeezing, pain in the chest, uncomfortable pressure, pain that spreads to shoulders, neck, or arms, and the pain can be mild or intense.

Some people may feel lightheadedness, nausea, shortness of breath, paleness, sweating, and fainting. Anxiety, nervousness, increased or irregular heart beat and feelings of imminent doom may also occur. Not everyone will experience all of these symptoms at once and not everyone will have the same symptoms. If you have more than one of these symptoms it is best to seek medical attention. Call emergency don’t wait around, it could be your life at stake.

Angina is a protest from the heart that it isn't getting enough oxygen because of diminished blood supply. A heart attack is the most extreme state of oxygen deprivation, in which whole sections of the hearts cells begin to die for lack of oxygen. If the blockage in the arteries can be cleared quickly enough - within the first few hours of the onset of the attack - the permanent damage can be minimized.

Heart attacks that have no symptoms are called silent heart attacks. They are the most extreme case of a more widespread condition called silent ischemia. Ischemia is a chronic shortage of oxygen and nutrient bearing blood to a section of the heart. The cause of the ischemia is almost always atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the progressive narrowing of the hearts arteries from accumulations of plague. In most instances the reduction of blood supply creates a protest from the heart (angina).

The absence of pain doesn’t mean that there is not damage. The heart has a built in reserve capacity. This allows it to handle so much scarring and damage from a heart attack and still need the needs of the body. However, another heart attack or ischemia even at a mild degree can be very fatal because the reserve is no longer there. Those who do survive another one could end up a cardiac cripple or disabled.

It is urged to get a screening for silent ischemia if you have great risk factors such as a smoker, diabetes, long history of high cholesterol, and so forth. The screening is a medical history and physical exam along with a cardiac stress test. The cardiac stress test is a workout using a treadmill while your heart functions are being monitored. It is very simple and painless. It is always good to learn if you are at risk for angina, atherosclerosis, silent ischemia, or heart attack.

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