How to Make Maximize the Growth Potential of Your Hair

by Brent McNutt

Posted on Sunday 12th of April 2009

Whether it’s a bad hair cut or wanting to try out a new hairstyle, there are times when you can’t wait to grow your hair, wishing that it can grow at a faster rate than normal. Normally, hair grows half an inch every month and the rate at which it grows will depend on your eating habits, nutrition, the season, and your genes. While there are a lot of commercial hair products promising faster hair growth, any hair expert in urbane scrubs will tell you that there is no evidence that chemical and herbal wonders can increase the rate of hair growth. However, there are established ways for boosting the growing potential of your hair.

Assess the state of your hair

It is best to grow your hair if it is in a healthy state. If your hair is damaged or have split ends, consider getting a trim to remove as much as the damage as possible before growing out your hair. While split ends and breakage will not prevent hair growth (as hair grows from the roots) it may cut the length of your hair due to the break or spilt.

Stimulate your scalp

Hair grows from the roots and not the tips thus it is important to have a healthy scalp to ensure maximum hair growth potential. To bring more nutrients to the roots, stimulate the scalp by massaging it with the tips of your fingers four to five minutes each day. Doing cardio exercises is also a great way to stimulate blood flow to your scalp and keep your hair and skin healthy.

Eat protein-rich foods

Hair is made of proteins so it is important to eat enough proteins, which you can get from meat, fish, poultry, seeds, dairy products, and soy products. Lacking proteins can cause hair loss and slow down the process of hair growth. Proteins contain amino acids that promote cell renewal, which is essential for keeping the hair and scalp healthy. You can also use a homemade protein hair treatment once a week. One recipe you can use is an egg-yolk base: beat one egg yolk adding one tablespoon olive oil and one tablespoon vinegar. Another recipe is mayo mixed with one vitamin E capsule. Apply the homemade solution to your scalp and hair and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash off with a mild shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

Brush your hair properly

Avoid brushing your hair too often as this will only damage your and cause breakage or hair loss. When you hair is wet, it is fragile and prone to split ands and damage so best not to brush it when damp. Instead use your fingers to detangle your hair; otherwise, you can use a wide-tooth comb.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Eating healthy, maintaining a nutritious diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep will maximize the growth rate potential of your hair. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables which are not only good for your hair but also your skin and your overall well-being.

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