When Its Not Fun To Be A Teen

by Robert Kokoska

Posted on Monday 2nd of March 2009

When we enter the age of our teenage years it is that stage of our lives where we experience the most dramatic changes to our physical bodies, our social behavior and many other aspects. The reason for this is called puberty. It is closely followed by another important stage known as adolescence. There are many physical changes that will occur during these two stages of life. One of the most dreaded physical changes that will happen to some of these young people is the development of the condition of acne.

It is actually only a myth to think that teenagers are the only ones who experience acne, as it is possible to suffer from acne at just about any age or gender but it is however, most prevalent amongst teens. This is because they are more prone to developing acne from the drastic changes that are happening to them physically and involve many hormones and bodily systems. These changes happening externally are all from processes happening inside of the body and sometimes if too many hormones are being created, it can lead to breakouts.

So what exactly causes acne then?

Acne is said to be caused by a certain type of bacteria. It occurs when the pores of our skin become clogged up from the oils that are produced in the glands of our skin. The bacteria thrive in these clogged pores causing irritation and redness. The extra hormones from puberty are responsible for creating too much of this skin oil.

As most of us are aware of, younger people tend to not be very hygienic and caring for the face and diet is often neglected. Because of this, acne occurs much faster and often becomes much worse than it should be. During puberty, the teens will experience a lot of hormonal change, one being an overproduction of sebum in the face and other parts of the body and when they are not cared for, skin disorders such as acne can occur. Acne is only one of the potential cases.

Acne is a major skin problem all over the world. There are remedies and treatments available though. There are simple herbal mixtures all the way down to the strong prescription medications. Seeking the help of a skin specialist or dermatologist is usually the first step you should take as they can recommend certain treatments over others depending on your skin type and severity.

If you are a teen, it is a good idea to go and as your parents to help you out too. They may have had acne when they were younger and can give you some helpful skincare and treatment tips that worked for them. Remember that good hygiene and diet are important for the health of your body and skin and that's where you should ultimately start.

Whatever the roots of your acne may be, see to it that you take good care of your skin and be gentle with the areas infected with acne so as not to aggravate it. Don't be discouraged if a treatment doesn't work for you because no one remedy out there will work for everyone.

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