Provacyl Review -- Can Male Andropause Be Reversed With the Use of Provacyl HGH Just For Men

by Rob Parker

Posted on Monday 9th of March 2009

Believe it or not, women are not the only member of our species who go through the dreaded change of life. It happens for men as well. Of course, for many years, people either did not recognize this or refused to believe it. In fact, male menopause has for years been either denied or it has been mistaken as being a mid life crisis. This is unfair in several ways, the least of which being that it is an often confusing and terribly emotional time for men.

Of course, it is easy to understand why so many men deny the fact that male menopause even exists. For starters, that is not the right term at all. The very word “menopause” implies that menstruation is involved. For women, menopause literally means that menstruation stops. Since men do not have periods, their menstruation cannot stop. Therefore, a more apt term for this phenomenon is “andropause,” the name itself coming from androgen, a hugely important hormone in both men and women.

So, what does andropause entail for men? It is actually much the same for them as menopause is for women, although women do have the raw end of the deal. It is unquestionably worse for them. However, because men are not used to the mood swings and other symptoms inherent with menstruation itself, it does often hit them very hard.

Andropause does indeed causes mood swings, the likes of which are often found in menopausal women. A man's emotions can turn on a dime at this stage in his life, and that can be particularly devastating. Generally, men do not sleep well and begin to experience insomnia at this time. Their skin begins to sag, they get wrinkles, and they feel old. They lose elasticity in their skin. They also begin to put on weight, which can be just as hard for men as it is for women. They even begin to lose muscle mass, which when combined with weight gain, can be extremely depressing. Perhaps even harder for men, they tend to experience a decrease in their libido, which can sometimes make them feel less physically attractive. When you also consider the fact that all of these symptoms also occur as we get older, then the double heaping can be very hard to deal with, whether you are a man or a woman.

Unfortunately, not much was understood about andropause until quite recently. This is partly because it does not happen to all men. Still, the problem is becoming far more common, which has led to a lot of medical advances in this field. One of them involves the creation of Provacyl, a human growth hormone supplement specifically designed to help men who are getting older and those who are going through andropause. It is a homeopathic remedy which also contains ginko biloba and ginseng.

The combination of human growth hormone, ginko biloba, and ginseng is a great one. This product can help men to lose the weight gained through aging and through andropause. It can help them improve and strengthen their muscle mass as well. They will begin to sleep better and their moods will stabilize, significantly lessening the risk of depression. Their immune system will be stronger because of the HGH and they will be less anxious. Human growth hormone can also offset the physical signs of aging. Therefore, it can actually improve and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

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