Prevention is Still the Best Hemorrhoid Cure

by K Radford

Posted on Wednesday 11th of March 2009

The search for hemorrhoid cures is sometimes akin to the quest for the Holy Grail for many people. Most people see talking about hemorrhoids as a taboo, so people who are afflicted with it or are curious about its treatments are sometimes embarrassed to ask.

Many Internet resources out there suggest different types of hemorrhoid cures, all ranging from the use of creams and suppositories, to homemade remedies, to invasive surgery. But, as the wise men say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Thus, the best hemorrhoid cure out there is making sure you do not get it.

So, how do you prevent yourself from getting hemorrhoids? The simple solution is: you should adopt a daily routine that involves changing your diet, your liquid intake and your activity level.

Adopt a Fiber-Rich Diet

When you have hemorrhoids and are looking for a cure, or when you are trying to prevent yourself from getting hemorrhoids, you would need all the help that you can get to clear out your bowels as smoothly and easily as possible. This is where fiber comes in. Fiber acts like a scrub that can clean your intestinal tract. It aids in pushing your solid wastes out of your bowels whenever you need to go so it would not be a struggle to get them out.

Fiber is found in green and leafy vegetables as well as in fruits. In order to get as much fiber as you can, you must make it a habit to eat a lot of these fruits and vegetables.

Increase Your Liquid Intake

The bad thing about fiber, however, is that it needs water in order to work. Otherwise, if you eat a lot of fiber without increasing your intake of water and other liquids, the fiber can actually aggravate your hemorrhoids. So, when you include fiber in your diet, make sure that you include a lot of liquid as well.

Doctors and nutritionists recommend a minimum of eight glasses of water a day. Not a lot of people can actually stand drinking that much water, so you can substitute fruit juices or tea for water. Try to stay away from alcoholic drinks, though, because they can dehydrate you.

Move Around More

Most of us spend hours on the end just sitting down, mostly because our line of work calls for it. Unfortunately sitting down for more than one hour at a time can exert undue pressure on our rectal area and cause the veins there to swell. When they swell and get irritated, you can end up with hemorrhoids.

To get over this problem, you should make it a point to walk around for maybe five to ten minutes after every hour that you have spent sitting down. You should also adopt an exercise regimen to improve your blood circulation.

Prevention is still the best hemorrhoids cure. But if you already have hemorrhoids and you are looking for the best way of treating them, there is always an option you can turn to.

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