Closing the Doors to Nail Fungus

by Wong Darren

Posted on Wednesday 18th of February 2009

Millions of people around the world are infected with nail fungus without them knowing it. Nail fungus is a very common problem caused by small organisms not seen by the naked eye. Nail fungi enter the human body through skin breaks found between the nails and the nail beds.

Once the fungus gets a chance to take over, the nails will discolor, get brittle, grow irregularly and there will be considerable pain. Affected individuals often ignore early symptoms and only seek medical attention when the nail fungus infection is in its advance stages.

Determining the Fungal Infection

The earlier one discovers the nail fungus, the better chance of stopping the infection. A doctor will scan a patient’s nails and scrape some debris from beneath the nails to detect the presence of fungi.

The debris will be observed in a culture or studied under a microscope. These methods give the doctor an idea what kind of microorganism he has to deal with. Aside from other forms of fungi, yeast and bacteria may cause similar problems to the nails.

Once the cause of infection is determined, proper treatment may be administered.

Nail Fungus Busters

In severe cases of nail fungus, doctors opt to remove nails through a minor surgery. The removal of the infected nails will allow the growth of new nails. The re-growth may take a few months to a year.

Surgery though is not the first choice of intervention for nail fungus since a lot of medicines are available to treat the infection.

Ointments and topical creams are popular medications for nail fungus. They attack the fungus on the surface level. However, the microorganisms that are beneath the nails are not penetrated. Most doctors often recommend using topical creams or ointments in conjunction with oral medications.

The use of oral medications is the better way to get rid of nail fungus. The antifungal substances in the drug enter the bloodstream, thus reaching areas which topical medicines cannot reach.

Prior to medical consultation, one may try to control further growth of nail fungus by using home remedies. This kind of treatment depends primarily on things found at home. A solution of apple cider vinegar and water is proven to be a good nail bath that helps in killing the nail fungus. The natural acidity of the vinegar kills the fungus.

After administering the treatment available, it is best to consult a doctor when complications or side effects are seen. Remember that nail fungus may cause problems that go beyond the feet and hands.

Infections may also reoccur if the effect of the drugs does not last long. Twenty per cent of patients have reported they experienced problems related to nail fungus recurred after a few months. In cases like these, consult a doctor to know if you need to get further treatment.

A person infected with nail fungus should also put emphasis on proper hygiene and better health practices to keep the nail fungus away.

Learn more about nail fungus by browsing the Internet websites on symptoms, risk factors, complications and treatment of nail fungus. Medicines for the infection are also available online.

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