Using Reiki For Stress Management

by Samantha Hall

Posted on Friday 16th of January 2009

Reiki, which is pronounced as 'Ray Key' is a well-known natural energy healing process, which employs the use of ‘laying on’ of hands in order to enhance and improve the overall health of a person and help him balance the life force energy.

Reiki healing is a simple, non-intrusive healing procedure. It is an excellent way to reduce stress, bring in more relaxation and get the mind, body in sync with the spirit.

What exactly is Reiki Healing?

According to oriental medicine, what's causing us to be alive is the life force energy or 'chi' that runs through us. In Japanese, 'Rei' refers to 'Higher Power' and 'Ki' means force of life. When brought together, the word Reiki basically means life force energy guided by spirituality. If this life force energy is down and low, we go through phases of illness, depression and stress. If this same energy is up and high, we feel happy, relaxed and healthy.

Reiki healing is a natural spiritual healing method that is simple, safe and can be used to literally treat almost any kind of health condition.

How does Reiki Healing Actually Work?

Reiki healing is very easy to learn and simple to apply. Even though this healing method is spiritual, you don't really need to have a belief for Reiki to work successfully, although you might end up feeling a lot more connected and in tune to your own religion.

The term healing refers to working on the physical symptoms. When this works in conjunction to the practice of Reiki, there is a greater response and better results as the body returns to wholeness.

The whole healing process works by getting rid of the disease and the pain associated with it, bringing one's whole self closer to the its ideal form. This is done with the practitioner placing his or her hands on the affected person, for the healing to start. The energy is managed on its own and flows through and within the person who is receiving the healing.

The healer does not intervene consciously in any way. The energy is smoothly being directed by a higher power and knows exactly where it needs to go and what needs to be done.

It's the healer's job to actually keep a watch and listen in order to keep the healing space open.

What Kind of Benefits Does Reiki Healing Offer?

When the life's flow of energy is disrupted in someway or is blocked, it usually leads emotional and health problems.

Stress and anxiety, negative and harmful thoughts, disturbing feelings, emotional turmoil or physical trauma, all bring in imbalances, which can lead to more serious health issues if left untreated.

When you're relaxed and free of any stress or worry, it really helps your body to restore its natural, inner ability to heal. Reiki healing not only helps you get rid of unwanted stress, but it also gives you a way to achieve deep relaxation resulting in better sleep. Apart from this, it can also help in:

1. Speeding up the body's natural self.
2. Alleviating and lowering pain.
3. Getting rid of toxins.
4. Assisting the body in recovering from chemotherapy and post surgery drug therapy.
5. Supporting and making the immune system stronger.
6. Breaking harmful habits and addictions.
7. Reducing blood pressure.
8. Removing any kind of energy blockages.
9. Balancing and harmonizing the energy flow of the endocrine system.
10. Emotional clearance and spiritual growth.

On the whole, if you practice Reiki the way it needs to be done, it will help you get your body more balanced and enhance its ability to handle stress and anxiety easily.

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