Psoriasis: How to Reduce the Symptoms

by James S. Pendergraft

Posted on Wednesday 21st of January 2009

Psoriasis is a skin disease that is marked by thick sheets of inflamed skins covered by scales of silver. This is a common occurrence. In fact, two percent of population in UK suffers from this disease.

Who are More Prone to Psoriasis?

Chances of your being afflicted are higher, if your parents suffer from it or have suffered from it in the past. It is caused when the skin tissues begin to produce very fast. In the event, they tend to pile up on the surface. Scalps, knees, toe, feet and palm are most vulnerable to the disease.

What Causes Psoriasis?

Though it is still very vague as to what may be causing Psoriasis, the researchers have formed quite many hypotheses about its origin. Some believe that it happens due to immune deficit, which results in production of erroneous skin cells. Such haphazard skin cell growth causes a jam on skin surface. A minority believe that it might happen due to bacterial action. They think that those suffering from genetic weakness tend to get their skin cells weakened by bacteria. This can result in scales and patches.

Tips for Reducing Symptoms of Psoriasis

Psoriasis can result in plaques or red skin and silvery scales. When it becomes more chronic, it can cause an alteration of mucous membrane, hair, toenail and fingernail. What are we supposed to do to minimize the symptoms of psoriasis? Well! It’s not AIDS and is certainly curable and that too with only a little effort. The idea is to be disciplined with the effort.

Avoid Skin Products

Do not use skin products that are known to be sensitive to your skin. Remember, the disease is caused primarily due to skin sensitivity. You should also abstain from pricking or itching too much. This can result in aggravation of symptoms. You also need to know that vital care is required for winter months, as the symptoms intensify in winter when sebaceous gland begins to run dry and auto-moisturizers of the body become less active.

Avoid Letting Dry Zones Develop

This brings us to the most significant aspect of keeping the disease in check. Just use plenty of moisturizers, creams and lotions. Do not let dry zones develop around the skin surface. Use topical medicines and natural remedies. The idea is to use them after consultation with somebody having adequate knowhow. Skin care diminishes the volatility of skin flare-ups. This is logical.

Skin Care with Quality Lotions & Mild Soaps

Skin care can help in keeping tab on injuries and inflammations. This way, the skin diseases are automatically kept in check. Skin care is possible with quality lotions and mild soaps. The idea is to use soaps that are neither too alkaline nor close to an acidic pH value. Moreover, only those lotions shall be used which do not have alcohol or alcohol base. Alcohol may be a soothing agent for acne but it really does no good against psoriasis. To apply medication in a more effective way, skin scales or crusts need to be removed. This can be done by moistening the scales with lotion. With time, they get peeled off.

Using these methods, we can proficiently fight the symptoms of psoriasis and save your skin from getting affected.

To Your Health!

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