How to Avoid an Unpleasant Mouth Yeast Infection

by Virginia Yeats

Posted on Friday 23rd of January 2009

A mouth yeast infection is a serious condition that should be immediately treated once it is diagnosed. You will also hear this called an oral yeast infection or Thrush. Whatever you call it, you need to get rid of it quickly. This condition is more common in children that adults but make no mistake about it, adults can and do get this and it is very serious.

Bacteria, both good and bad, are in all parts of our body. It is a delicate balance that is usually controlled and we just go about our every day business not even realizing that anything introduced out of the norm can throw this balance off. In the case of Thrush, that balance is thrown off and we have an inordinate amount of bad bacteria located in our mouth area that results in the infection.

There are many things that can cause the balance to get shifted to the wrong side. If you have a stressful job or are constantly exposing yourself to stressful situations, you are putting yourself at risk for a mouth yeast infection. Diseases such as cancer, HIV and Diabetes are also causes of Thrush. The habit of cigarette smoking will put you at risk as well as dry mouth. Females who breast feed also put themselves at risk as it can be transferred from their child during feeding.

If you are infected, you will see white, creamy like lesions on the inside of your mouth. They are often described as looking like a lump of cottage cheese. These lesions will be very tender to the touch and will probably start to bleed if you do so, or when you brush your teeth. You will also notice an unpleasant feeling in the mouth, as you might expect.

If you see these lesions, call your dentist and get in to see him as soon as possible. Your dentist will be very familiar with this condition and can put you on a treatment program based on various factors that should eliminate the yeast infection in your mouth. If it is more serious, he may tell you to go see your family doctor who will put you on a treatment of antifungal medication. While these are the treatments, you need to consider how to actually prevent this disease. Jus the fact that you have the disease means that there is an imbalance in your system and this needs to be addressed to prevent further yeast infections whether they be oral or in any other part of your body.

Oral hygiene, it is preached to all of us from day one and it is a great way to not only prevent this infection, but will also prevent many other infections that you can get orally. You will also want to make sure you see your dentist regularly. Make it a regular part of your hygiene schedule. Abusive use of mouthwashes and sprays are also linked to this. They can throw off that delicate balance and actually cause what they are supposed to be preventing. Last but not least, to help prevent a nasty mouth yeast infection, you must quit smoking!

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