Corner Mouth Sore - Cracked Mouth Corners - Relationships Suffer & Lives Are Ruined

by Lanie Dills

Posted on Thursday 22nd of January 2009

Millions suffer with ugly, raw sores in the corner of the mouth. This condition’s fancy medical name is Angular Cheilitis. It is more commonly called Cracked Corners of The Mouth.

While it isn't contagious, it is a persistent painful affliction characterized by deep, red, harsh, crusty lesions or blisters in the corner of the mouth, usually in both corners. Lip licking, while giving momentary relief, always aggravates the affliction.

Bouts of the miserable sores in corners of the mouth can last for several months and sometimes can even last for years.

The unappealing raw splits in the corner of the mouth are not only extremely painful but are quite embarrassing as well. Total strangers, acquaintances, and sometimes even friends stare and make ridiculous hateful and hurtful remarks like Aids Face, Syphilis Lips, or Leper Mouth all based on ignorant assumptions. The affliction is often mistaken by the uninformed for lack of hygiene, constant drooling, Herpes, Syphilis, or Aids.

Some sufferers have complete personality changes going from friendly, outgoing, happy individuals to withdrawn, quiet, shy sourpusses.

The individual or the family usually tries to seek a cure through professional medical help. The typical treatment prescribed by most Doctors is 1% Hydro Cortisone, which does little if anything to alleviate the pain or cure the condition.

While prolonged Angular Chelitis bouts are certainly irritating and physically painful, it’s emotional effects can be devastating. It consistently leaves its mark on the sufferer's ongoing and new relationships and all but eliminates any social interactions.

Yes, affection is indeed one of the main things a person with Cracked Corner Of Mouth or Angular Chelitis gives up. No one wants to hug, much less kiss someone with an angry, red, crusty blight on the corners of the lips.

The sufferer loses the opportunity to be natural, to be outgoing, and to freely interact with friends and family. Cracked corner of mouth victims are usually treated like social outcasts. Children and teenagers in school are particularly vulnerable to the constant cruel teasing and name calling perpetrated on them by their classmates.

If the condition does persist for months or years, the sufferer's entire life is drastically changed. He sees himself differently, he interacts with others differently, and he thinks and acts as though his life has been ruined. All these negative feelings about himself are daily supported by the unkind, thoughtless actions of those around him.

Fortunately, an all-natural, painless, and extremely effective, 3-hour cure is now available. This cure is complete and fast acting no matter how long you have been suffering with your cracked mouth corners condition.

It was discovered and developed by the desperate father of a young teenage boy whose life was in ruins due to a three-year flare-up of Cracked Corner Of The Mouth.

The ingredients for the treatment can be easily found in most bathrooms or kitchens. How does it work? Its formula simply destroys the root cause of the infection by isolating the fungal bacteria responsible for the affliction. The treatment creates a waterless environment where the bacteria can no longer survive.

Cracked corners of mouth sufferers will be amazed at the rapidity of the effectiveness of the treatment. Its potency is so great that within a few short hours the ugly, red, raw splits will begin to dry out and your skin will return to normal. If you start the treatment in the evening, by the next morning, your seemingly endless bout of Cracked Mouth Corners should be completely cured.

Can you imagine your delight, when you look in the morning mirror and see smooth, normal skin where those painful cracked mouth sores used to be?

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