Why Acne Treatments And OTC Products Don\'t Work

by Devin Verrim

Posted on Friday 5th of December 2008

When breaking out with minor or severe acne during a certain course and out of frustration; most would seek for a therapeutic remedy. That is in favor of high majority by using Over-the-Counter products or even Acne Treatments. Do acne therapy products really rejuvenate to healthy skin? We can agree by a fact that the products play a key role to reduce the appearance of acne. However the core root of acne is developed within the body which brings up the appearance of acne to the skin's surface. Stress, hormones, bacteria and foods with yeast or sugar can also create symptoms toward acne. To declassify the cons of why acne products don't work is to realize how chemicals contained in them brings further damage; also as to why acne reappears after using the product itself. The real reason is that most OTC products and Acne Treatments only sanitize the surface of the skin. Not to mention the side-effects it may cause due to harmful lurking chemicals.

Over-the-Counter products and Acne Treatments are all under the same trend by its content ingredients. They all literally work the same way but Acne Treatments are more thorough by its step-by-step procedure. The most common active ingredient is a chemical used in most acne products called Benzoyl Peroxide(BP). BP is used because of its effectiveness to unclog bacteria and oil from the pores. The outcome is that BP leaves the skin to itch, to dry and to wrinkle. The skin becomes tough to moisturize and the dryness attracts more bacteria along with further damage.

Another harmful chemical ingredient contained in acne products is Methylisothiazolinone(MIT). MIT is used in Acne Products because it destroys bacteria and viruses. Not only is MIT contained in many skincare products but also found in liquid soaps and shampoos. The side-effects MIT does is trigger the immune system response that causes itching, burning, scaling and blistering to skin. MIT damages the nerve system and can also trigger the immune system towards asthma.

As you can see, many of the products out there are part chemical and only made to flush out bacterial build-up. The internal cause of acne cannot be ignored if ever wanting to banish acne effectively. A cure for acne is still being researched. Therefore, symptoms of acne can come from various ways as mentioned.

The approach to fight acne can be overlooked by common sense. Defending yourself from bacteria is a key to adjusting daily routines in order to stop breakouts. For instance, changing your pillowcase every three days or clean your cell phone with a q-tip alcohol absorb. Thus, keeping a better immune system through taking vitamins and exercise to get rid of toxins.

If you have been using Proactiv or other OTC products, they may have disappointed you with little or no results. An all natural Acne Treatment system has been established and endorsed by doctors and herbalists. The only kind made to treat all types of acne from the inside out with no chemicals. Find out about the most effective natural acne treatment; and how it can get rid of all your acne troubles at the bottom link.

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