What Kinds of Chemicals Can Cause Hair Loss?

by Low Jeremy

Posted on Friday 5th of December 2008

Having a lovely head of hair is more than just rewarding: it can make you feel beautiful or handsome, and it can actually make you act differently. You may feel more confident, and it can show in the way that you speak and deal with people. However, there are also many ways for you to lose your hair, and you need to know how to avoid what causes hair loss so that you can prevent it. Moreover, if you are already undergoing hair loss, there are some stresses and chemicals that can hasten hair loss or exacerbate it. Some chemicals can actually cause hair loss, so you need to be aware of what these are so that you do not make the mistake of using them when you shouldn’t.

There are hundreds of chemicals available in your average hair salon, and many of them can lead to hair loss. These chemicals are found in the medications that curl your hair, remove some of your hair, straighten it, color it, perm it, and, in general, style it. There are many different chemicals that promise to strengthen your hair and they may be present in the medications that do the different things listed above, but they are also mixed in with chemicals that you don’t want to have in your scalp. Before going to the salon, make sure that you know what you are getting into. Moreover, try to avoid curling your hair, straightening it, coloring it, or styling it too often. You may want to give your hair a grace period of about two or more months before you start having it styled once again.

There are times, however, when you cannot avoid chemicals that can cause hair loss. One such way is through chemotherapy. There are cocktails of chemicals that are injected into the body that can induce the death of cancer cells, but these chemicals can also poison your healthy cells, including those found in your hair follicles. This can cause your hair to thin and eventually fall out. When you stop chemotherapy, however, your hair can eventually grow back. Although it can take up to half a year for your hair to grow back, you should not be alarmed that you are losing it.

Not only do externally applied chemicals cause hair loss, but they can also damage your scalp and exacerbate your problems by adding dandruff into your hair problem mixture. Moreover, some internally taken drugs can also cause hair loss. Medications and antibiotics may also cause hair loss in some patients, and if you check the pamphlets that come with your drugs, you may find that hair loss is listed as a commonly reported side effect. You will need to ask your doctor for more information on hair loss and what you need to do if you experience it if you are taking any of the following drugs: drugs that lower blood pressure, those that treat arthritis, those that serve as maintenance for cancer patients, anticoagulants, anti-gout drugs, anti-depressants, anti-thyroid hormone drugs, anti-Parkinson’s disease drugs, drugs that treat ulcers, beta blockers, bipolar disease treatments, birth control pills, drugs that lower your cholesterol, drugs that are derived from vitamin A, and steroids.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. You may have also been poisoned by heavy metals or pesticides if you start experiencing hair loss. For more information and a complete diagnosis, talk to your doctor.

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