What is Dental Pain?

by Annette Badowski

Posted on Tuesday 16th of December 2008

Dental pain is a broad terminology that is often used to describe tooth or jaw related aches or soreness. Most often, dental pain is attributed to cavities, root infection or impaction of the tooth. Wisdom teeth can also grow in the back of the mouth, crowding the teeth and causing pan - these most often have to be pulled. Another source of dental pain is when a tooth becomes cracked or a root is exposed. For people with low enamel and sensitivity, their teeth can hurt when exposed to hot or cold substances. In some cases, jaw aches can be related to dental pain. Movement can aggravate this pain.

When pain occurs in any of the aforementioned areas, it is always best to contact a dentist right away, as some tooth pain can signal life-threatening diseases.

What causes dental pain?

Gum diseases like gingivitis, infection and cavities are some of the more common causes of dental pain.

Hypersensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks can also cause such pain.

Tooth abscesses can form too, and are most likely the result of a tooth infection. This type of tooth related ailment is often treated with antibiotics - in some cases, a root canal is performed to get rid of the infection. If bad enough, the tooth may have to be pulled.

A tooth abscess can lead to potentially deadly situation. This is because the abscessed tooth is actually filled with pus causing a bacterial infection in the tissues surrounding the tooth. If you don't have the tooth examined by a dentist, the infection could develop elsewhere in your body, such as a brain abscess.

A less severe dental problem that can also cause pain is the common cavity. Cavities are induced by improper dental hygiene. Not taking care of one’s teeth and gums may also prompt the development of gum disease. Gum disease can affect the loss of bone around the teeth causing excruciating pain.

In a small amount of cases, dental pain is triggered by inner or external ear infections, which a can also be dangerous if not treated. As with all serious medical concerns, consult a doctor when dental pain arises.

Dental pain at a glance

• Cavities are the number one reason for visits to the dentist
• Gum disease is the second leading cause of tooth pain
• Ignoring dental pain can be potentially life threatening
• There can be non tooth related reasons for dental pain
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Note: This article is an informative guide that should only be used for gathering information regarding dental pain, and not to perform a self-diagnosis. Only a medical practitioner can definitively ascertain the causes of dental pain. If you have concerns in this regard, please contact your personal physician right away for a complete evaluation.

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