Scientific Research and the Skinceuticals Company

by Sarah Martin

Posted on Tuesday 16th of December 2008

Skinceuticals is a cosmetics company that has made it its goal to create products that improve skin health by providing high end products that are the product of signifigant scientific research.

The company claims to be respected world wide by the medical community including by the plastic surgeons in 35 countries that use their products. The ingredients in the company’s products are supported by countless hours of research and all of the ingredients in the cosmetics are pharmaceutical grade.

One of the Skinceutical signature products is skin lightening. The enzyme tyrosinase is responsible for creating unwanted pigmentation the skin as it is one of the building blocks of melanin. Too much melanin is produced and the result is freckles or age spots. Thymol, kojic acid and arbutin suppress tyrosinase to prevent pigmentation.

The Skinceuticals Company also prides itself on its antioxidant serum. The body defends itself from oxidative damage but excessive exposure to ultraviolet light as well as the ravages of time depletes the body antioxidants and the result is wrinkling, age spots and other signs of aging.

As you get older it is hard to get the minimal amount of antioxidants that you would need to prevent skin destruction. The experts at Skinceuticals ( have found that if you use their creams and lotions that you can increase your protection against skin damage almost eight times. Their formulas also prevent the formation of damaged skin cells and reduce the production of sun damaged cells by ninety six percent!

Another signature product of the Skinceuticals Company is its sunscreen. Until the advent of recently-patented technologies, not one single sunscreen existed that provided both substantial UVA and UVB protection without turning skin white.

Scientists from Skinceuticals figured out a way around this problem by creating a transparent sun bloc made out of 100% zinc oxide and encapsulated ocitnoxate. These two sun blocks together provide you with the most comprehensive protection from the sun’s rays, including the UVAI rays that cause photo aging. These products are also very gentle and suitable for every day use.

The company usually markets its skinceuticals products in kits. Each kit usually has four products in it. The major systems sold by this company are the Acne Care System, the Skin Brightening System, System I Maintian, System II Defend, System III Clarify and Skin System IV Rejuvenate (

Each system has its own intention and purpose and is targeted towards a certain problem or age group. For instance, System IV Rejuvenate is targeted at women over forty whose skin already showing damage and needs some significant revamping. Other kits are geared toward acne or simply preventing aging.

These are quality kits and they do not come cheap. They are all at least $175 which means each product is about $45 to buy on its own. Using the products on their own is still effective but not as effective as if you buy the entire series of products in one kit and use it morning and night as the skinceuticals experts recommend. Otherwise you are just not getting the full benefit of what the skinceuticals scientists have discovered about fighting the signs of age.

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