Acne Products - Harmful Ingredients To Stay Away From

by Devin Verrim

Posted on Friday 5th of December 2008

Acne treatments and products of all types are useful to help rejuvenate the facial appearance from the common disease called acne. However, factors of acne symptoms can be caused by stress, hormones, improper diets, and bacteria. The cure for acne is still under medical research. Without proper treatment, acne can become severe as symptoms progress to severe outbreaks. We use these products to help deplete bacteria from the surface of the skin. Acne is also an internal problem caused by bacteria which triggers certain hormones to create acne at the surface of skin. Therefore, taking vitamins and exercise is a helpful essential to the prevention of acne. This shows that acne products are just a main step to treating acne.

According to the content ingredients in most acne products; research has shown that these chemicals being used over time can cause numerous side-effects. Many chemicals are contained in acne products because they sanitize facial pores; acting as an anti-bacterial agent. The following known side-effects can be horrendous such as excessive dryness, premature aging, nerve disorder and other damages.

One widely-used chemical found in most acne products is Benzoyl Peroxide(BP) because of its active efficiency. This bleeching or anti-bacterial agent dilutes the pores and destroys bacteria under the skin which causes acne. After applying BP, it can leave the skin to dry, to scale and to crust. Excessive use of BP would wrinkle the skin to fine lines and make it vulnerable to skin damage. Making the skin tough to moisturize without applying other facial moisturizers. Some products contain 100% Benzoyl Peroxide like Proactiv's repairing lotion.

Another dangerous chemical is found in anti-bacterial soaps, shampoos and a surprisingly large amount of skincare products like acne products is called, Methylisothiazolinone(MIT). This compound ingredient is contained in many products because of its extreme effectiveness to destroy bacteria by keeping the skin immune. Just keeping a healthy immune system is great enough from getting sick. There is no need for MIT. Research shows that using MIT destroys the nervous system. This symptom can accelerate to Alzheimer's disease which can impact learning abilities.

It has been shown that using prescription drugs for acne in general can either lead to side-effects or further breakouts. For acne, Antibiotics is a drug that eliminates nearly 100% of bacteria from inside the body. This is essential to destroy internal bacteria from generating its range onto the appearance of acne. Unfortunately, Antibiotics give the body Candida; more of what the body does not need. Candida is a yeast that is already located in the digestive tract. Antibiotics can cause an overgrowth of Candida in the system which can generate to more severe outbreaks. Probiotics is a dietary supplement that restores potentially beneficial bacteria back into the system; and should be taken as a combination if taking Antibiotics.

Accutane is an acne drug usually provided after unsuccessful usage of medicines or antibiotics. Accutane is a form of vitamin A and helps the skin reduce oil from oil glands. Accutane should not be used by pregnant women as it may cause severe birth-defects. This drug carries a warning that it may cause suicidal thoughts or behavior in rare cases.

Discreet consumers are becoming aware about the chemicals contained under many acne products.
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