Yeast Infections: Treating With Nizoral

by Matthew Bredel

Posted on Tuesday 11th of November 2008

Yeast infections are one of the most prevalent maladies in both men and women. While easy to contract, they can sometimes be more difficult to treat, particularly if the infection has spread throughout the body. This more serious condition is referred to as Candidiasis, most common in those who are immuno-compromised but occurring in more people than even realize it.

Many people prefer a natural remedy for minor yeast infections. Sometimes a simple change in diet along with an herbal supplement is enough to treat the problem in a couple weeks. Adding fiber and acidophilus, such as that found in yogurt, to the diet aids in restoring the balance of bacteria in the digestive tract. Capsules of essential oils such as oregano or peppermint or garlic are effective for some people, but they require two or more months of regular ingestion, in capsule form, to work.

For more severe infections, medication is usually necessary to effect a faster treatment and provide more immediate relief of symptoms.

The Effect of Nizarol on Candida Symptoms

Nizoral (Ketoconazole), is a medication of the triazole family of drugs often prescribed to treat yeast infections. It is taken orally and can be used for any of the Candida infections, including oral thrush. It targets the fungus, inhibiting further growth, and retards all symptoms associated with the infection.

Treatment with Nizarol can take anywhere from several days to two months, depending on the severity of the infection; Candidiasis will take longest to treat while a condition such as foot fungus may dissipate within only one week of dosages. Effectiveness is largely dependent on the individual patient and their genetics, diet, and other prescriptions. Nizarol works best when used on localized infections (confined to only one area of the body).

Side Effects of Nizarol

As with any drug, side effects vary from person to person. On the whole, Nizarol is a very safe medication. The side effects most commonly reported are:

• Pain in the abdomen
• Dizziness
• Lethargy
• Headache
• Sexual impotence
• Nausea or vomiting
• Skin rash
• Dry mouth
• Sensitivity to light

Anyone susceptible to liver problems should be advised to avoid Nizarol, or any of the triazole class of drugs. Long-term and high dose prescriptions require regular blood tests to determine effects on the liver. There are no long-term side effects associated with the medication.


Nizarol is a safe and effective alternative to other medications commonly prescribed for yeast infections, such as Nystratin or Clotrimazole. However, for conditions such as Candidiasis, the risk for developing liver problems while taking Nizarol is great. In this instance, alternative therapies are probably best.

For the average person contracting a yeast infection, there are typically no concerns over taking a prescription for Nizarol. Be sure to take the oral medication with plenty of water and on a full stomach to avoid dry mouth and abdominal pains. Patients should also refrain from taking antacids since they reduce the acid in the stomach, and thus the effectiveness, of a triazole drug.

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