Treat Panic Attacks Naturally Using These 3 Sure-Fire Methods!

by Drofwyt Iamal

Posted on Saturday 8th of November 2008

For those who suffer from panic attacks they know very well how terrifying they can be. Many people rush to the emergency room believing they are having a heart attack. There are many symptoms that one can suffer while experiencing a panic attack. Some of the physical symptoms are chest pain, nausea, tingling in hands, sweating, pounding heartbeat and difficulty breathing. Many of these same symptoms are also experienced when a person is experiencing a heart attack.

Emotional symptoms can be a feeling of doom or intense fear. People who exhibit these symptoms experience fear that cannot be explained. While having one of these attacks they can also exhibit dangerous behavior in reaction to their symptoms.

Fortunately there are many things that one can do naturally to help alleviate the symptoms of a panic attack. To treat panic attacks naturally you must first recognize what a panic attack is and what it feels like to you. Once you recognize the symptoms that you experience you can then take control.

Treat Panic Attacks Naturally Method One: Hypnosis

One method to treat panic attacks naturally is with hypnosis. Hypnosis has been recognized by the American Medical Association as an approved way to treat panic attacks naturally. Hypnosis is done without drugs and for many it can provide significant relief.

When you treat panic attacks naturally with hypnosis you will change the way you deal with panic attack symptoms. Hypnosis can be used to strengthen the mind and allow you to relax. Relaxation is key when you are experiencing a panic attack. During the attack the person having the attack finds that they are extremely tight and wound up. For some of the milder attacks one might be able to breathe their way to relaxation. This can be done by taking some slow, deep breaths and slowly exhaling. If possible you should try to concentrate on something that is peaceful to you.

Treat Panic Attacks Naturally Method Two: Laughter

Some people say laughter is the best medicine to treat panic attack naturally. When one laughs their body tends to relax naturally. The brain had trouble responding to stress when you are truly laughing at something you find funny. When your body is anxious you have a rise in serum cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. True laughter reduces the amount of stress hormone in the body.

Treat Panic Attacks Naturally Method Three: Behavioral Therapy

Probably the most popular way to treat panic attacks naturally is with behavioral therapy. Try talking with someone about what you felt when you were having an attack. They see if you can determine what you were doing when the attack started. You might discover that certain behaviors trigger an attack. If you can pinpoint those behaviors you can then take steps to change them.

You may determine that you become anxious when you are in a large crowd of people. If so then you should relax, take some deep breaths and visualize yourself in a large crowd of people. Have someone there with you to talk you through the process. It may take several times before you can actually get to the point that a crowd of people no longer poses a threat to you. During this process if you feel that you are becoming overwhelmed you should go back to your deep breathing and try to relax. Take your time and approach your fears slowly and with determination. When you treat panic attacks naturally you will not have to worry about putting medicine in your body that could cause you adverse side effects.

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