Natural Insomnia Cures: Several Practical Steps You Can Take Right Now

by Kaitlyn Sawyer-Murphy

Posted on Saturday 29th of November 2008

The challenge with natural insomnia cures is that there are so many of them, and what works very well for your friend or relative may or may not do the trick for you. That said, however, there are some initial steps you can take tonight to improve your sleep patterns immediately.

If, after you have tried these initial tips, you are still struggling, then it's important to know that there are several other natural insomnia cures that you may want to try.

Some initial steps to take in your ongoing quest for totally natural insomnia cures:

1. Darken your room as much as you possibly can. Most of us sleep our best with the least amount of light shining into our bedrooms. If you have darkened the room as much as you can, but there are still some slivers of light coming in here and there, consider adding eye shades to the mix to achieve your goal of full darkness.

2. If you are sensitive to sounds, and if you sleep better in a nearly silent environment, you may also want to try ear plugs. These are inexpensive and available for purchase at most pharmacies.

3. On the other hand, maybe you like falling asleep to sounds, but they need to be the “right kinds of sounds” (perhaps the sounds of waves crashing on the shore, or white noise, or soft, instrumental classical music). Consider experimenting with a few different types of sounds.

4. Look into trying certain kinds of decaffeinated herbal teas (chamomile, for instance) that are widely known for reducing tension and anxiety and soothing you off to sleep.

5. Shut off the television and the computer as early as possible, so that you can avoid too much stimulus and start to “unplug” from the hectic pace of your daytime life.

6. Exercise is great for helping you to fall asleep, but it needs to be done at the right time of day. For instance, exercising right before bed can actually be over-stimulating rather than relaxing. So, if at all possible, consider exercising at the beginning of the day, or perhaps some time in the middle. The exercise can be moderate or vigorous, depending upon your preference, but just be sure to time it correctly, in a way that will aid your sleep rather than impede it.

7. To quiet your mind at bedtime, use one or more effective stress reduction techniques, such as meditation or deep breathing or visualizing pleasant scenes (like you sitting on a beautiful beach).

In some instances, a combination of some of the above practical tips and one or more natural insomnia cures (such as drinking herbal tea) may “do the trick” for you on most nights. For instance, your mind and body might respond best to a combination of further darkening your room, wearing eye shades to bed, altering the temperature of your bedroom at night, drinking some chamomile tea in the evenings, and getting up at the exact same time every single morning (even on the weekends).

When seeking natural insomnia cures, the point is to be open minded and willing to form new sleep habits. When you are not getting enough sleep, it can be extremely difficult to function properly, and it can also make you irritable. No one likes to go through life feeling this way, so it is important for you to take action now to defeat this upsetting problem of insomnia.

I wish you all the best!

Kaitlyn Sawyer-Murphy

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