How to Treat Your Acne if You Don’t Have Much Time

by W. Darren -

Posted on Sunday 23rd of November 2008

You’re managing your small business and you are juggling client demands. You are constantly running from one appointment to another – checking on supplies, calling suppliers, meeting up with clients and so on. You are a busy woman. You’re constantly on the go and by the time you get home, you’re too tired. On top of all these things, you need to look good, clean and fresh always.

Acne is not part of the equation. You cannot afford to have acne and have clients staring at a pimple on your nose. The problem is you don’t have time to go to attend to the needs of your skin. However, there are things that you can do to make sure that you keep you skin clean, healthy and acne-free while you’re on the go.

Adopt a Quick-Fix Daily Skin Cleaning Habit like the following:

As soon as you get out of bed, follow the cleansing steps to acne-free skin:

1. Cleanse your face with gentle hypoallergenic soap and water.

2. If you have acne, clean the affected area of your face gently. Do not irritate it further. Do not prick to avoid spreading the germs. If you have mature lesions or inflammations, apply hot compress on the affected area for at least 30 seconds but no longer than a minute. Repeat this procedure at least three times or until the compress becomes lukewarm.

3. Do not apply any chemicals directly on the affected skin after the hot compress. This will likely irritate the infected area. Allow the dirt and bacteria to seep out or allow the area to dry.

There’s another alternative to cleansing your face off of acne if you are really pressed for time and you can’t wait half an hour for a hot compress. You can alternatively ice the area in order to close the inflamed pores and reduce the swelling. However, avoid rubbing the area with harsh cloth. Pat the area dry gently. You could use some products to keep the area dry while you are meeting clients. So, you’d avoid the ultimate faux pas of meeting clients with pus-seeping pimples! After your meeting is over, you can again apply ice on the area for a couple of times.

Once you get home, you’d likely find the area filled with dried up pus on the surface that needs some mild scrubbing. You can opt for a hypoallergenic or mild exfoliating scrub. Before using the scrub, you should rinse the affected area with lukewarm water. This would open your skin pores so you’d be able to easily get rid of the dirt and oil. After washing, rinse your face with cool water to close the opened pores.

Choose Your Beauty Products Carefully

There are products that you need to avoid if you don’t want to aggravate your condition. Since you can’t afford to spend a lot of time just cleaning and treating your acne, you need to prevent its occurrence. The minute you enter a pharmacy or a grocery store, you have to carefully choose the products. Choose products that are gentle, mild and preferably, hypoallergenic.

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