You Can Restore Your Personal Wellness And Balance

by Candace Czarny, CFM, ASID, LEED AP, Feng Shui Expert

Posted on Thursday 30th of October 2008

If you've been feeling less like yourself lately, you're not alone. When a person is constantly inundated with stress, relationship trouble, and other problems, it's easy to lose your sense of wellness. But just because you're feeling as though your world is less than lovely right now doesn't mean you're a hopeless case. You can restore your personal wellness and balance with Feng Shui.

Where Does Your Trouble Lie?

Within each home and each room of each home are energy centers that correspond to different areas of your life. To diagnose areas of your life that might need help, it can help for you to understand where these are. From the doorway of each room or from the front door, the energy centers are Career (this is the doorway area), moving clockwise, Knowledge, Family, Wealth, Fame, Love and Relationships, Children and Creativity, and Travel. In the center of each room is the health energy area. By taking the time to tour your home and to see where you might have clutter or other out of place things, you can begin to understand what areas of your life might need fixing. For example, if you notice that your Love energy area in your bedroom has a broken radio, you might want to remove that radio as the broken-ness is contributing to your feelings of unwellness. Take an inventory of the areas that seem to need help on a regular basis.

Cultivating Peace in Your Life

Of course, you might also find there are multiple areas in your home that need attention. But that doesn't mean you should run out and change them all at once. Slowly focus on one area at a time, adjusting to see how the changes help and then moving onto another area once you are satisfied in your current arrangement.

You also want to look for ways to create balance in all of the rooms of your living space. The elements are fire, water, wind, earth, and metal. If you can include a good balance of these types of materials in your home, it can help your wellness immediately. Often, those who are out of balance have too much of one element or not enough of another.

You also want to try to limit the amount of furniture in your home. The more crowded your home becomes; the less easy it is for energy to move through your living space, thus upsetting your wellness. In addition, you should keep as many of your doors open as you can – this also keeps energy moving and flowing in your life.

Change things up in your home from time to time too. You don’t want your life to be stagnant, so your home shouldn't always be the same either. Big changes aren't necessary either. Make it a habit to clean your home regularly too as this keeps 'dirty' energy from accumulating.

Your home is where you should be able to come to relax and to restore yourself and your wellness. By taking the time to treat it with care and respect, your wellness levels will respond in kind.

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