Weightloss Products - Fatloss 4 Idiots Exposed

by Kelly Purden

Posted on Thursday 9th of October 2008

Ah, who would not be bewildered with the entire lot of weightloss products in the market these days? It's becoming so, that it feels like every few days, a new product is being launched and marketed to the teeth. However, the bible-truth is this: not all weightloss products are the same. In fact, the only way for you to really ascertain what these weightloss products are supposed to do for you, is to read carefully its product labels, research its supposed promises, and ask a medical professional whether or not these products will work well for you or create such adverse conditions that you are better off without.

Here is the low-down:

1. The safest of all weightloss products possible are dieting books, especially if you just read them. Following them or subscribing to these ideas may not exactly be the best thing in the world. If you want diet programs and then you need do 2 things. First, go to your doctor for a full medical check-up, and inquire as to what kind of diet you need to go under. Depending on your medical condition, your doctor may prescribe you a number of diets. For diabetic or pre-diabetic individuals, a no-sugar / low sodium diet may be in the works. For other people who have mineral deficiencies, (like low potassium intake,) the doctor may even prescribe more food to help them regain better health.

The next step is to go to a registered dietician or nutritionist and ask for a detailed meal plan. Dieting books do not work because it presents a generalized scope of how weight loss should go. However, people do not have the same digestive tendencies, or the same weight loss problems, or the same lifestyles. A more personalized approach to dieting is always best.

2. Exercise videos, exercise machines, exercise gadgets and the lot are also weightloss products, designed to help a person lose weight by exercising. Enough said!

3. Fat burners are medicines, or diet supplements, or herbal remedies or skin application weightloss products designed (as the name suggests) to burn off unwanted fats. Products like these works on the principle of thermo-genesis: activating part of the thyroid gland to increase body temperature. Supposedly, the fats that are being burned off will be converted into energy that should be useful to the body. Fat burners are actually great for active people, or people who have regular exercise regiments since there is a need to expend that energy.

On a side note, if a person has a rather sedentary lifestyle, fat burners may not work well at all. Also, one needs to consider carefully the product labels. Some fat burner ingredients (ephedrine) are addictive in nature. There is also a strict need to take fat burners only as directed. Increasing dosages or application times will only lead to adverse conditions in the long run. More importantly, it will not help that person lose weight faster.

4. Anti-obesity drugs are the strongest medications among all weightloss products. This should not be confused with the "herbal" alternatives because the latter do not have the same pharmacological agents as the former; and therefore, do not have the same promised results. These should only be taken when prescribed by the doctor, and only for obese individuals. People with Type 2 diabetes are not advised to take such medicines as these may trigger unfavorable consequences. Most anti-obesity drugs work as appetite suppressants. Others help increase the metabolic system. Others help prevent fat absorption.

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