Unhealthy Weight Loss Through Crash Diets

by Daniel Millions

Posted on Saturday 11th of October 2008

Crash diets continue to remain popular, although this method of weight loss is not healthy for many people. There are a variety of crash diets around and generally, a crash diet can be identified because of the food group that the diet revolves around. For example, the baby food diet is a crash diet that involves eating baby sized portions at meal and snack times.

Although, the food offered in a crash diet may be from a single food group or it may represent many food groups, such as the baby food diet. The common factor in any crash diet is the strict limit that is put on amount of food that can be eaten for the duration of the crash diet. A crash diet may last a few days or more, the longer that the crash diet lasts, the more unhealthy the diet becomes.

First off, being on a crash diet can make a person feel stressed out since it is hard to deny food to oneself, especially when a person is hungry. The person feels hungry because their body needs fuel (food) every little while. If you deny food to anyone for even a few hours, the person can develop a headache, become dizzy or lethargic. Imagine putting that person on a crash diet for a week. If there is an underlying health issue such as diabetes, the effects of the crash diet can be even more dramatic. A crash diet can cause more problems than it is worth.

Instead of advocating a healthier lifestyle, a crash diet promotes weight loss that is dependent upon unhealthy eating habits. To diet effectively, a person must take a careful look at their diet and exercise program. A healthy diet that provides all the nutrients that a body needs will satisfy a person so that the person will be less prone to binging or overeating.

The best thing that can help a person to achieve long term weight loss is to change their attitude towards food and exercise. Instead of seeing food as the enemy, accept food as the wonderful energy source that can contribute to a beautiful appearance and a longer, healthier life. Regular exercise will keep the body toned from the inside out and is anti-aging.

A safer method for weight loss can be achieved through regular meals and snacks that are based on highly nutritious and low fat foods. Regular exercise is a necessary component of any weight loss program. Together, a healthy diet and regular exercise can achieve safe and consistent weight loss for any person. A more sensible weight loss goal is the loss of one or two pounds a week until the desired weight is achieved.

When a person chooses a healthy method for weight loss with achievable goals, that person will find it easier to stay committed long enough to achieve their desired amount of weight loss. Unlike the crash diet method of weight loss, a healthy lifestyle that regularly include excellent nutrition and exercise will bring long term results.

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