Treating Vascular & Pigmented Birthmarks

by Vinay Kumar Polisety

Posted on Thursday 9th of October 2008

The term birthmark encloses lots of varieties of vascular and pigmented skin conditions. The prevalence of these conditions is available during early stages in life. These marks may be countenanced all over the human body. These terms can also involve some conditions called as post-wine stains which give an indication of red vascular birthmarks as well as other colors. They may also compose of melanin which is a skin pigment.

Till the last ten years important treatments were not to be seen but recently advancements have been observed to be made in this regard. These have been rendered possible by way of lasers for which physicians leverage technology for utilization of removal or improvement of these birthmarks.

These lasers have a tendency to target abnormal vessels or pigment cells. All birthmarks can be lightened by the use of lasers which will have the effect of simply erasing them in entirety. Of course, these have chances of recurrence at some stage or the other.

The dimensions of the treatment may vary with the size of the birthmark. A small mark may be pursued by a few minutes of laser treatment but, bigger marks may require time consuming treatments. So much so, that multiple treatments may also have to be undergone for curing these syndromes.

Some stains can be taken care of by treatment during the few weeks of life with proper emission of laser responding to the treatment. These treatments can be prolonged throughout the life of the person without fail. The other marks may also be treated accordingly. The treatments can vary from time to time depending on the longevity as well as dimensions of the marks which undergo treatment. The laser treatment is very effective throughout the life of a person.

These treatments are not considered to be major surgeries. Some discomfort is witnessed during the earlier stages of treatment. Presently new contact cooling devices as well as stronger ones which involve themselves in spraying cold liquid on to the skin which is important for cooling down effect on this hot treatment. Some discomfort occurs initially but later on it gets under control.

No period of recuperation is suggested for removal of vascular and pigmented birthmarks. These marks are important for the purposes of combating their removals by way of a systematic treatment. You should be careful about oozing of blood and such circumstances. Some patients experience pain or minor discomfort during the course of and after the treatment.

Recurrence of port-wine-stains is very rare. About half of other birthmarks may surface again but, you should concentrate on targeting them with the process of erasing them with perfection. The reappearance of melanin is being targeted continuously. Melanin is not deeply embedded within the epidermis and is not affected but, may come for appearance later which may have to be combated by an effective application of laser treatment.

Thus, these birthmarks can be targeted for the purposes of proper erasing by application of liquid as a cooling down device as well as the ongoing laser treatment and application which should be controlling the reappearance of these marks.

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