Things to Do if You\'re Sweating Excessively

by Cristian Stan

Posted on Monday 13th of October 2008

Do you sweat if you're nervous or if it's really hot? Well, that should be normal. But if you sweat excessively even under acceptable circumstances, then you've got problems that need to be addressed immediately. However, avoiding excessive sweating is easier said than done. Oftentimes, even if you've done all the listed prevention techniques instructed by the experts, you still end up with a sweaty palm, armpit, or forehead.

So what would you do when perspiration is dripping off you uncontrollably? Here are good tips:

1. Always be ready with a handkerchief.

If you suffer from excessive sweating, never leave your home without several handkerchiefs stowed in your bag. If you can bring a small towel, that's more preferable. Keep the hand towel always at your disposal. As for the handkerchief, always keep it in your pocket. Bring three to four hankies with you to work everyday and change to a fresh one whenever the other is wet. Wipe sweat immediately once you feel it coming out.

2. Get some fresh air.

You'll know if beads of sweat are forming in your forehead. Once you feel it, try to go out of the room or building. Go to a spot where there's lots of air and ventilation. Don't go back inside unless you're sure that your body has refreshed itself.

3. Take a quick shower.

If you're at home and you're sweating too much, take a lukewarm shower. This will relax your body and get rid of all your sweat too. If you're outside or in the office, try to freshen up by sprinkling lukewarm water on your face.

4. Always bring an extra shirt.

Underarm sweating must be the most embarrassing thing of all. If this is your problem, try to change your shirt in the washroom even before the marks set in. As much as possible, bring a shirt that is in the same color as the original one you're wearing, so as not to put too much attention to your costume change.

5. Dust with a thick baby powder.

Powder helps absorb body sweat. Put a generous amount of it on the problem areas after freshening up. By doing so, you'll be able to stay cool and dry for a longer period of time. Men might find this solution unmanly. But it is effective so it's definitely worth a try.

6. Stop worrying.

Being anxious and nervous would only make things worse. So do yourself a favor and stop panicking. Take several deep breaths. Rub your forehead. Make all those bad ideas go away and your sweat won't compound as much.

7. Be prepared.

Excessive sweating may come at the most inconvenient time. As such, you have to be prepared. Surely, you know what triggers you sweat. So make sure that you prevent them at all costs. If you can't, you might as well bring with you everything that you need to ease all those sweat away.

Don't live with excessive sweating if you can deal with it. Talk to a doctor about the solutions you can possibly undergo to address the problem.

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