The Color of Food and Weight Loss

by Daniel Millions

Posted on Saturday 11th of October 2008

The foods that are chosen during any weight loss program are crucial to the dieter's success at achieving their weight loss goal. If the wrong foods are chosen, the dieter may not lose as much weight as desired or may be uncomfortable from food cravings during the diet. The best foods that can be eaten for any diet, whether a regular diet or weight loss diet are those diets that include fresh foods from different color groups.

It is possible to color coordinate a healthy diet from foods that have a deeply saturated color because the color is a signal to what types of nutrients are contained in the fresh food. By eating from an array of deeply colored foods daily, it is possible to provide the body with highly nutritious foods that can curb the hunger feeling.

When eating a healthy or unhealthy diet, your body will get hungry when it needs more energy or nutrients every few hours. Cravings and bingeing begins when the body does not have all the nutrients that it needs. A craving will start for a food or snack that provides a bit of that nutrient and bingeing will happen when the body is such desperate need of a nutrient that a person will binge on a food or foods that contain some of the nutrients that they need. To avoid this cycle, the best diet will provide the all the nutrients that the body needs.

Deeply colored foods contain more nutrients than their duller companions. Eating foods that offer more nutrition can contribute to more than just weight loss because the nutrients found in these highly nutritious foods can protect the body against many diseases including cancer. Eating too much foods that are low in nutrition can be a direct cause of weight gain, illness and disease. The choice to eat highly colored natural foods is a step in the right direction for many people.

The best weight loss diet will include different colors of food at all meals and snacks. All food colors should be eaten during the course of every day, if possible, for the most nutritious diet. Examples of foods in the different color groups include blueberries in the blue group, broccoli in the green group, pineapple in the yellow group, carrots in the orange group, tomatoes in the red group and cabbage in the purple group. There are many recipes that incorporate foods from the different color groups so next time that you are at the grocery store, choose foods that have a deep color because you know that these foods are more nutritious than other foods and will satisfy your body's need for proper nutrition.

The other great thing about deeply colored foods is that these natural foods are high in fiber, too. Since foods with a high fiber content will keep your body satisfied longer, you will not be as prone to eating too much food at one sitting. Weight loss goals can be achieved successfully with the help of all the nutrition contained in deeply colored foods.

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