Secrets Of Vinpocetine And How It Can Improve Your Memory

by Bryan Reese

Posted on Thursday 9th of October 2008

Vinpocetine can be referred to as vincamine’s derivative. Vincamine is an alkaloid present in periwinkle plant, chemically known as Vinca minor. Doctors from Hungary have made use of Vinpocetine for treating senility as well as disorders pertaining to blood vessels (in brain) for around 25 years. It’s a prescription drug from Europe which went on to become available in US in the year 1998 in the form of dietary supplement.


Vinpocetine performs the task of thinning your blood, boosting circulation in brain, and improving ability of brain in terms of having absorbed nutrients, all those improving brain function. Research has indicated that Vinpocetine works as proper as Ginkgo biloba in the process of improvement of cognitive abilities and memory.

Test-tube studies have indicate that Vinpocetine moves ahead with the improvement of bladder function, that too, in the older adults through the enhancement of ability of contracting smooth muscle which happens to line urinary tract, that aids in the prevention of urine leaks.


Around hundred human trials are reported to have been conducted on Vinpocetine. Majority of researchers support use of it. Most of the research had been sponsored by Gedeon Richter, Vinpocetine manufacturer from Hungary. This research was conducted at the time of early eighties and early nineties. Certain amount of research had withstood inspection in the peer-reviewed journals.

One of the double-blind trials conducted in the year 1985 in ‘European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology’ tested effect of Vinpocetine on 12 healthy women’s short-term memory. The people who consumed 40 milligrams of Vinpocetine thrice a day, that too, for 2 days secured around 30% higher on the short-term tests of memory than placebo group.

One of the double-blind studies conducted in the year 1991 at ‘International Clinical Psychopharmacology’ happened to test around 165 patients suffering from dementia on a moderate to mild level. After the passage of sixteen weeks, 21% of the individuals who consumed 30-60 milligrams of Vinpocetine on the daily basis reported that symptoms of theirs grew in a less severe manner, in comparison with 7% of the people who took placebo.

An introductory trial on the older adults suffering from urge incontinence got published in ‘World Journal of Urology’ in the year 2000. Out of 19 patients not responding to the standard treatments with regards to such a condition, some of them experienced improvement after having consumed around 15-30 milligrams of Vinpocetine per day for 4 weeks.

How to consume it?

For any conditions like the ones mentioned above, take around 10 milligrams per day, in 2 doses in such a way that they get paired with food. Even though 45 milligrams pr day has been considered to be utmost safe, exceeding 10 milligrams without health care practitioner’s supervision is not recommended. Vinpocetine could be made use of long-term or short-term. Effects of it might be felt at the next instant, even though they aren’t cumulative.


Rare side-effects include dry mouth and stomach ache. Have your doctor consulted prior to having taken Vinpocetine is you happen to be pregnant or are already taking any of the blood-thinning drug.

Health Claims

Proponents claim that Vinpocetine improves cognition and memory in the healthy people. It might also help in simplifying urinary Incontinence.

Bottom Line

Vinpocetine is said of having the encouraging safety records. Strong evidence goes on to support ability of it in improvement of brain function.

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