Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diet as an Alternative Treatment

by Jonathan Mitchell

Posted on Thursday 9th of October 2008

When you are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis you start of with medicine and treatments your doctor prescribes for you, some of these remedies will work for you while others have so many side effects that it is worse then the illness itself. usually it takes people one ore two years in the regular health care before they start looking for other remedies. A rheumatoid arthritis diet is one of these alternative remedies we want to inform you about.

Of course the symptoms vary, rheumatoid arthritis is a disease where people react totally different to the disease itself but also to the medicine. Some people have severe pains every day and others have mild pain but do have very inflamed joints. Also the way they react to medication can be completely different. Some really have very good results with the prescription drug their doctor gave them while others have severe side effects. All of this is because rheumatoid arthritis is an illness of the immune system and people have a tendency to react different to it.

Is rheumatoid arthritis diet an alternative to regular treatment?

People usually only start looking at alternatives when the regular treatment is not working or the side effects are to severe. A rheumatoid arthritis diet is such an alternative. There has always been much discussion about rheumatoid arthritis diets although you should not see it as a diet in the traditional sense. In fact it is just a list of foods that you should avoid and a list that most people have good results with. But just as with the regular treatments, rheumatoid arthritis diet is something you should experiment with a little. Regular doctors usually do not recommend a rheumatoid arthritis diet because they say it is never proved to be effective and everybody reacts different on it, they are right people do react different on it but they also react different on the regular prescription drugs. So that is a lousy argument especially when you know how many people are suffering from this disease.

It is a diet that you should discus with your doctor because the diet increases the intake of omega-3 fatty acids and as the name already said this can be an increasing of the total amount of fat. We say it can be, because if you look at the other recommendations fresh vegetables and fruits and the things you should avoid the total amount of fat can be much less than your regular diet depending on what you are eating right now. Fatty acids, omega-3, can be found in soybean oil, fish oil, walnuts, avocado oil, walnuts and canola oil.

This might seem like a large amount of fats but these fats are in the food you eat, fish oil can be eaten in many fatty fish like salmon and many other fish. And because you avoid fats from fried and processed foods you will probably eat less fat in total. you should also avoid alcohol and coffee

A healthy weight is also important

There is one aspect on a rheumatoid arthritis diet that your doctor would agree with, you have to become and stay on a healthy weight. So its is not the list of foods where there is an agreement about but the fact that with a good healthy weight your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms will be much less and that is a good thing to remember in a world with people who are getting more and more obese.

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