Natural Bodybuilding: The Way to Build a Great Body

by Guido Nussbaum

Posted on Friday 24th of October 2008

Professional bodybuilding has gotten a bad rap in some places for steroids, but this is a shame because natural bodybuilding is the way to go from the amateurs to the semi-pros to some of the best professional bodybuilders in the world. Natural bodybuilding is using a smart natural diet heavy in both proteins and carbs, and using that diet in conjunction with special weightlifting routines designed at really working out related groups of muscles together. Instead of doing one set of chest exercises on three different days, you want to do multiple chest exercises at once on one day, then work out other parts of the body on other days, rotating as appropriate.

Natural bodybuilding is the best way to get healthy and build a great looking physique while not having to worry about the negative health effects of steroids and other unnatural supplements that could be hazardous for your health. Natural bodybuilding is wildly popular on every level of bodybuilding, and should be the route that every individual takes in trying to work out in order to get into better shape and build up a more impressive physique.

The most important thing to remember when trying to bulk up through natural bodybuilding is that hard work and a lot of food. The right type of natural bodybuilding workout to bulk up is one that involves heavier weight and less reps while combining that with a healthy diet that is loaded in protein and carbs to put on more muscle mass. The right foods are needed to provide the fuel and calories your body needs to build muscle mass. Great free weight exercises combined with the right diet are best.

No matter how fancy the machines look, natural bodybuilders know that despite what the yelling TV commercials say, nothing can beat the resistance training that comes from using free weights of all kinds. A huge array of exercises can be used with free weights, and some can even be combined for maximum effectiveness, like pushups that also use dumbbells to do triceps extensions at the end.

The next focus with natural bodybuilding is to exercise specific muscle groups together. Many popular exercises with natural bodybuilding not only include free weights like dumbbells and barbells, but also push ups, sit ups, pull ups, lunges, body weight squats, and other similar exercises. These natural bodybuilding workout sessions can last an hour or slightly more, and are often performed up to 4 times a week for maximum results. The carbs and protein are important for energy, calories to turn into muscle, and with protein to rebuild the muscles after all these heavy workouts.

This hard core workout can help people shed away the fat and put some heavy muscle getting into some great natural bodybuilding workouts. The best part of working out this way, the natural way, is that you don't have to worry about the unhealthy and potentially fatal side effects that can come from unnatural supplements.

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