Menu For Diabetics - What Are The Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Levels?

by Murali V

Posted on Monday 13th of October 2008

People suffering from diabetes need to take care to have a "menu for diabetics" and eat accordingly in order to keep their blood sugar levels under control. Though they are not left with much variety, as far as food is concerned but the vegetables prescribed for them are not all that awful.

The French bean, also known as the kidney bean is a good option. If cooked with care, it tastes awesome and no less than a delicacy. The beans have a greater fiber content and are rich in carbohydrates. Thus, it is prescribed to patients suffering from diabetes.

A suggested natural remedy could be, juice extracted from French beans mixed with the juice of Brussels sprout. It is one of the good foods that lower blood sugar levels and promote health as it stimulates production of insulin.

Bean decoction is another effective medicine. For this you require 60 grams of fresh bean pods, weighed after removing the seeds. This has to be boiled in four liters of water for four hours. The decoction must necessarily be prepared on slow fire. Then the potion has to be sieved through a muslin cloth and let to cool for eight hours. It is advised that this decoction be taken a glassful after every two hours for 4-8 weeks at a stretch. This must be prepared fresh everyday as it loses its medicinal qualities after 24 hours.

Dr. James Anderson of the Human Nutrition Research Centre of the US Department of Agriculture deduced that foods with low cholesterol content help prevent heart ailments. Also, the beans being rich in soluble fiber reduce the sugar levels in blood and thus are healthy for diabetics who are greatly prone to the risk of heart disease. Lettuce has 3% or less of carbohydrates. People who wish to cut down on their weight can have plenty of tomatoes as it has low carbohydrate content and also does control levels of sugar in the urine.

Soya bean is very nutritious and helps to keep a check on blood sugar levels. Studies as early as 1910 has shown that Soya bean is rich in protein and fat and low in starch. It helps regulate and reduce the quality of urinary sugar in diabetics.

Onion, be it raw or cooked is also an effective home remedy. It reduces the sugar levels in blood and the more it is eaten the faster it would help lower blood sugar. Around 1960's, there was discovery of anti diabetic compounds in onion. These were similar to anti-diabetic pharmaceuticals which help synthesis of insulin and its release, namely, allyl, propyl, disulphide and allicin.

A balanced diet, well supplemented with vegetables for diabetics, fruit and juices should be ideally taken. One needs to cut down on the intake of fat based food and sweets. Also, you should indulge in an active lifestyle. Walking is a must on regular basis. Smoking and drinking must be avoided. The blood sugar should be measured at regular intervals and body weight should be maintained with the menu for diabetics kept in mind. This would enable a diabetic to live a healthy life.

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