How Weight Lifting Workouts Can Improve Your Lifestyle

by Alvin Huang

Posted on Thursday 9th of October 2008

There is little debate that weight lifting workouts can improve your lifestyle. There is a lot of literature both online and offline about how cardio-vascular exercises like running, aerobics, specialised classes can help you get a sweat and burn the calories. I will not disagree on the benefits of these exercises and how they can help to eliminate many health risks as well as burning alot of unnecessary body fat that keeps us from maintaining the figure of our dreams.

I would also have to raise my calloused hand, and say, that diet and aerobic exercise forms the better third of the big picture, of putting you on your way to an improved lifestyle. But then again, this is just part of the big picture, and a holistic approach is the only way you can truly achieve a healthy lifestyle and a healthy looking body.

This is where weight lifting comes in. Many fitness professionals, (especially female fitness experts), agree that weight lifting is just as important as running and grunting on the treadmill or in the class with some groovy music pumping in the background.

Muscle needs energy to survive on a daily basis. By building up muscle mass through weight lifting, you are basically helping yourself burn that extra little bit of fat daily. Now this is without running or any sort of aerobic exercise. Furthermore, a good 45 minute weight lifting session is considered an-aerobic workout, which also burns calories and fats, just in specific parts of the body. Resistance training also promotes that ‘lean and chiselled’ look that a lot of us are going for. Aerobics help to burn much of the surface fat that covers these muscles, and allow them to shine through, but without weight lifting, there is nothing to show for it.

Look at Usain Bolt or any of the other American sprinters. Their physiques are amazing, their musculature spectacular. Weigh lifting and resistance training gives you strength and power in your limbs, toughening them up and decreasing the likelihood of an injury.

Weight lifting also hides the effect of aging. Muscle atrophy and degradation can be slowed down and its physical and visible effects halted (for a time) with a toned physique achieved through weight lifting. It isn’t the fountain of youth, but it is a mechanism for you to stop that age old internal biological clock in your body.

There are many experts that can teach you how to effectively use weight training as a complement to your workouts. It is important to know exactly what your objectives are and how weight training can be used to improve your lifestyle. Authors from various sources can help you do this.

Weight lifting workouts have many benefits. They improve muscle mass and bone density while increasing your basal metabolic rate through increased muscle density. These benefits are extremely important in the anti aging process and are especially pertinent to women. This is because women lose calcium during pregnancy and are more at risk of osteoporosis. If you’re looking to shake up your work out, try lifting weights to unveil that sexy body hidden inside you.

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